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Low cost divorce in Texas

There has been a major change in tackling divorce in Texas in recent years. Most of the people in the state no longer want to pay even a small amount of money for a lawyer to handle their divorce. Nowadays people are wise enough to save money and have discovered other ways to obtain a divorce; a good settlement in their divorce and they save money at the same time. A low cost divorce in Texas thus can be obtained without paying too much.

Not all divorces are expensive. There are different ways to file for divorce cheaply without hiring an expensive lawyer as there are many divorce resources available. It is possible to file an uncontested divorce, if both the parties can agree on splitting the assets and there is no shared debt. It can save the couple a lot of time and money. Though it seems like a complicated process, filing for a cheap divorce in Texas is not too difficult.

Some instructions to get a cheap divorce in Texas

  • The first step to get a low cost divorce in Texas is to file for divorce online. Texas along with many states has free information about how to file for divorce online. Once the forms are printed, the spouse can file them in person at the appropriate court house.
  • The couple needs to purchase an online divorce kit. There are divorce kits available on the internet that range from $40 to $300. Divorce kits make it easier to file the appropriate forms in the state and different counties and many of them can be downloaded. Divorce kit could save some money for the couple in the long run if they divorce amicably. The divorce kits are also available in the book stores.
  • The spouse needs to find low cost services in Texas, as he/she might get a waiver in fee if considered a low salary earner. Once the divorce papers are printed, they must be filed with the court. Fees could start from $350.
  • The next step is to hire a professional paralegal. Most of the states have a paralegal and Texas is one of them. If the spouse wants to avoid expensive lawyer fees then a paralegal could help him/her to file for divorce. A paralegal could help to prepare divorce documents and also file it, providing there are no assets to split. Filing fees are normally not included with the paralegal fees.
  • The last step is to hire a trained mediator. A trained mediator could help both parties to resolve the conflicts regarding finances and child custody arrangements. Mediators can help the parent with a parenting plan and a visitation schedule without the actual custody. In most cases, the couple should agree to meet a mediator before proceeding further with services.

The above instructions if followed correctly can be of great help to either spouse to get low cost divorce in Texas as these are the best possible options to get an affordable divorce without the actual involvement of a lawyer.

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