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Divorce Guide

Low cost divorce in California

A low cost divorce in California can be obtained by filing of divorce without using an attorney. In order to save some money the spouse could file for divorce on his/her own. This can only be done if both the spouses agree on all the issues including child support and custody, visitation rights, property distribution and spousal support. A cheap divorce in California involves minimal fees and fewer complications for the spouses. The points on cheap divorce in the state are discussed below.

Some instructions on cheap divorce in California

  • In order to get a low cost divorce in California the spouse first needs to prepare a settlement agreement. This is an agreement stating on how the community property will be split.
  • The next part in the process involves the spouses to agree on a custody and visitation schedule if they have children. The agreement will be submitted along with the divorce petition and it will be followed up by a notice for both the spouses to attend a mediation hearing to confirm the agreement.
  • The agreement for child and spousal support needs to be decided. All spouses donít come to an agreement on their own rather they leave it up to the court to decide if either of them is entitled to support from the other. Factors such as financial status and custody schedule are considered when making this decision. If neither decides to pursue the other for support then it needs to be stipulated during the mediation hearing.

Preparing a divorce settlement agreement in California

In order to get a cheap or a low cost divorce in California a settlement agreement needs to be made. The following points states on how the settlement is to be made.

  • The first thing to do is to prepare a list of all items and debts accumulated during the marriage. It is known as the community property. Once all the information is gathered both the parties needs to amicably work out an agreement on how to split the assets.
  • The next step is to list all the items and debts accumulated either before the marriage or after the separation. This is known as separate property and would be the responsibility of the individual who accumulated those items. This information would be listed separately from community property in the agreement.
  • The spouse needs to draft a property settlement agreement after the agreement is made. It could be downloaded from one of the government websites of California. Once the property agreement is drafted, the process is completed.

Coming to a settlement agreement as a part of a divorce could be a little unsettling. As it is, the emotional drain is more than enough to drive the spouses over the edge. In order to get a low cost divorce in California, the spouses needs to settle their differences amicably so that they could prepare their settlement at a very minimal cost and doesnít need to pay the high fees of an attorney.

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