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Low Cost Divorce

Divorce, the legal ending of a marriage, is one of the most anguishing events a person could experience. Besides emotionally draining, divorce procedures can use up a lot of monetary resources, and individuals going through the divorce process generally do not have enough money to hire a good lawyer. So this is the reason for the spouses to find the means to get a low cost divorce.

Quite a few lawyers in the US focus their practice on divorce and annulment, but as finances usually determine the quality of divorce lawyer most people hire, a divorce lawyer generally tries to handle the divorce case for the least amount of money.

The average divorce attorney could bill up to $200 per hour, but a lot of lawyers ask for only base fees when dealing with the cases of middle and lower income people. Someone looking to hire an affordable divorce lawyer can visit the internet for attorney listings as well as attorney profiles and charges. There are number of divorce lawyers who deal in general practice, although, it is better to look for a lawyer who specializes in divorce and custody cases since they are generally less expensive.

Most of the states in US provide legal aid support at a discounted rate or free services to those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer because of their high fees. There are also some divorce lawyers who often give huge discounts or offer promotions and the person seeking divorce can discover quite a few low cost divorce attorneys by searching online for these offers. Also it would be better, if the person compares options available for various lawyers regarding their fees rather than settling for the first affordable one.

Applying for a divorce via the internet is another option for getting a low cost divorce, as this service doesn’t require an attorney to be hired. This mean is also drastically less expensive than seeing a divorce attorney. If property is involved in the case, then there is no option but to hire a lawyer. Still if the spouses desire a more affordable divorce, they could opt to file the divorce on one of the many self-service divorce websites on the internet to lessen the cost.

Some tips on getting a low cost divorce

  • Get a pro se divorce i.e. get a do it yourself divorce or go to an agent. There are people in legal system and in the county government that can help the spouse with the paperwork.
  • Both the spouses should agree on all the important issues such as property and alimony. It would make the divorce process more effective and less costly.
  • The spouses should decide on the child custody issue in advance as this is the issue which takes a long time to get resolved and in turn lengthens the process.
  • Both the couple should be aware of the child support laws in their respective states and should decide in advance on how they will cover the cost for child support. This reduces the time and costs for the hearings.

A low cost divorce is meant for those couples who cannot afford to spend on the fees of the attorneys and the divorce proceedings which generally stretch too long.

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