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The matrimonial Causes Act 1973 is the basic divorce law which is followed in UK. The law lays an outline of the various grounds which are considered valid to apply for a divorce. If in UK, a couple is interested in getting divorced or one of the individuals of a couple is interested in getting divorced then for the proceedings of the termination of the marriage the first step is to apply in the court for getting a decree nisi granted. The proceedings will move further after the decree nisi is granted and thereafter for finalizing the proceedings the court will grant the petitioner/applicant with a decree absolute.

In order to obtain a decree nisi it is important for the petitioner has to show that the concerned court has jurisdiction and also has to prove that the couple applying for marriage has subsisted the relation for a year or more than year. To prove the jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings, it is mandatory for the petitioner or the spouse of the petitioner to have the residential status of the concerned country or else they must be domiciled in that country.

Let us step forward and see what the process of obtaining a decree nisi is. The very basic step to obtain the decree nisi is to prove before the court of law that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. The irretrievable breakdown of a marriage can be proven only if any of the given five facts is observed to have established in a marriage. The legislation considers the following facts as the reasons valid enough to get divorced:

  1. Unreasonable behavior
  2. Two years’ separation with consent
  3. Five years’ of separation without consent
  4. Adultery
  5. Desertion

This is the very basic legal information which will be helpful for a couple or an individual (petitioner) to get the outline of how to go about divorcing in UK. Following the mentioned steps thoroughly under the guidance of experienced lawyer will fasten up the entire process of divorce and will cut down the cumbersomeness of the issue as well.

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