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International divorce implies getting divorced in a country that is not necessarily your motherland. Due to increasing mobility for business purposes, the concept of international divorce had been intensively explored in recent past.

Who seeks international divorce and why? This is a common question by anyone who is stationed in one state or country. There are people who travel extensively for the purpose of business or work. In fact, many of them are stationed in one country and then shift base to another country after a couple of years. If such people want to end their marital relationship then should they go back to their original country for getting divorced? No, sometimes this is not feasible at all and thus, they have the option of getting divorced internationally.

International divorce is also possible for military personnel who are in a hurry to divorce and cannot wait to get back to their own country. In many cases, the Government does not permit the personnel to leave the posting station and travel back to their motherland before their tenure ends. In such cases the military personnel can seek international divorce.

Maria stayed in New York with her two kids. Her husband had an export-import business and was travelling worldwide most of the times. He owned house and property in different countries and used to stay away from the family for long periods. Maria felt very lonely and thought that this relationship would not work out. She wanted to come out of this relationship. Her husband had no objection in divorcing her but did not want to travel all the way to New York just for a divorce. Thus, he started considering the option of international divorce.

Since no-fault divorce has become a norm in most of the countries worldwide, international divorce has gained momentum. The couples are no more required to prove fault of their partner in order to get divorced. Thus, anybody can seek divorce anywhere in the world.

International divorce laws are considered complicated and the role of solicitor is very important in such divorce cases. A lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge of international divorce laws is in high demand and highly paid.

In international divorce, a spouse is free to choose the country for his/her divorce. The law of the country that the spouse chooses becomes applicable to the divorce. Important aspects of divorce child custody, alimony, division of property, division of tax benefits, and so on are all settled according to the laws of the state where the divorce is suppose to take place.

Thus, the country that the couple chooses for divorce has lots of impact on the alimony, division of property and other issues with financial implications. Child custody laws also differ from country to country and you have to be vigilant about the law of the country that you have chosen for divorce.

Before choosing international divorce as an option you need to do your homework and research well about the family and divorce laws in various countries. The first thing is to get hold of a lawyer who is proficient and reputed for fighting international divorce cases and has proper knowledge of the subject in various countries.

International divorce is a good option only if you get better advantages in getting divorced outside your country. UK is considered the divorce capital of the world in present times. The divorce laws are such that the less well off spouse gets heaps of wealth from the other, after the divorce.

Selecting the country of divorce is the main game in international divorce.

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