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Divorce Guide

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Although the past trends of the bygone decades show that the divorce rate has been on a phenomenal rise, yet there are still some people who want their marriage to survive and even after seeing the worst of days they decide to stick to their relation. For the people who are at the moment trying to save their marriage from the disaster of divorce, here are some very effectual tips which will surely help you to sustain your marriage.

A major way to rescue from divorce is by conversing : Almost every marriage goes through a bad time and if communication is lacking in this phase of marriage then outcomes like divorce may erupt. If you feel that you are not tuning in well with your spouse, try communicating. Remember communicating does not imply cribbing. With a positive and accepting attitude, communicate with your spouse and ask about his/her feelings. It is important for each of you to know the feelings of each other so that you can actually assess where your marriage stands. Let the lines of communication be open and try sharing the day to day sorrows and happiness with each other. Make if a point to do this especially if you feel that your marriage is not going so well.

Hark on the point that no relationship can be perfect: If your spouse is complaining of the various factors which are lacking in your relationship then tell him/her that you’ll make a conscious effort to overcome them. Also make your spouse realize that none of the relationship is faultless, each of them has some or the other pitfalls which can be covered up by combined efforts. Tell your spouse that from now on not only you but then he/she should also take initiative to work upon the imperfections that the relation is having and gradually as you’ll come over it, you see a noticeable positive change in your relationship.

Seek external help when everything fails : When you see that all your efforts are going in vein, try to seek external help. External help implies consulting professional marriage counselors, psychologists, etc. You can also ask your family members who are close to both of you to help you out in this difficult phase of your life. Remember it is never shameful to ask for external help when it comes to saving a precious relationship.

Always remember, marriage is like binding the hearts of two individuals and not for tearing the souls. Divorce is just like tearing the soul and its repercussions are awfully disturbing. So, keep in mind that destroying a marriage is one of the worst things that can be done by anyone in life. Take actions, show how much you care and love and get back the spouse exactly the way he/she was in the initial days of your marriage.

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