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How to manage conflict in your divorce

Divorce is the time which is tough even for the strongest, even at the event when it is amiable. There are situations when the relationships on the verge of ending see a time which can be called less than friendly. The feelings which both the parties bear within are overwhelming with negativity for each other and these emotion make them take steps which are later regrettable. This is indeed a phase which sees maximum level of conflicts and in order to manage these conflicts or to just tone them down here are some points which might help to you act in a balanced manner at the time of your divorce.

Avoid each other for sometime: On can easily manage the existing conflicts by keeping away from each other for a certain span of time. The ostrich approach indeed works well in such situations. Not seeing each other and also avoiding telephonic contacts is the best thing you can do to suppress some of the blistering issues you had.

Neural territories or other public places are best to meet: If you feel that it is completely unavoidable to avoid you ex then better plan it out in some public place where odd situations like yelling, anger, etc. may be a cause of embarrassment. There are situations when just because of the kids, financial issues, etc. compel you to see your ex so, if you too are a victim to such a situation then better schedule it in some public place. This will not only control the tones of both of you but will also let you discuss important issues without getting haughty.

Let the meetings be brief: If you are planning an unavoidable meeting then, make sure it is short and crisp. If you’ve plans to see your spouse at his place, then do give a call before just jumping in. If situations are that your ex drops in with giving you a prior notice then make sure that he/she understand that this should not be repeated. Show that you’re in a hurry or are caught up with some other work and need to spare out time especially. After the discussion is over, make a move and leave the place. If you feel theta the meeting is taking a haughty turn even before the discussion is over then make a move early. Rest of the conversation can be done on a call.

Apart from the given points some other tips one must remember for a fruitful conversation and managing the conflicts at the time of divorce are to stick to the topic of discussion. Deviating from the decided topic is often a problem which adds on to the conflict. If you feel that situations between you are actually worst and communicating with each other might not work then introduce a neutral mediator. Similarly, there are other points too which can be implemented to manage the conflicts arising due to your divorce. Discover other points which may work well in your case and implement them to manage conflicting situations which will surely pop up at the time of your divorce.

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