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Divorce Guide

How To Avoid Divorce?

Divorce is a fashion in the present times for most of the people. It is seen as a way to assert individuality and self interest. Marriages are no more made in heaven; they are made on this earth in haste and broken in haste too. It is observed that many couples take the decision of divorce in haste and regret later. Divorce does not end problems; rather give rise to another set of problems. In case, some of you realize that divorce is not the solution to your marital problems, this article offers advice on how to stop divorce.

The increasing divorce rate worldwide is an alarming figure for the sociologists who believe that family is a basic unit of a happy and healthy society. In US, almost 50% marriages end in divorce. Since the countries have started granting no-fault divorce, the instance of divorce has reached its zenith.

For controlling divorce, we need to look at the depth of the problem. The young generation is quick to marry and quick to divorce. Most of the marriages fail because the couples feel that they are not mad for each other and cannot run a family together. An ego conflict is another reason for a marriage to fail. Men and women become unrealistic and start giving importance to their ego. Because, both of them try to outweigh each other, the relationship becomes a game which gets over one day.

Divorce breaks the family. It is especially bad if there are children involved. Sociologists believe that the role of mother and father is equally important in raising children. Neither of them is capable of taking care of the child in isolation. So if you have children, it is advisable to stop thinking about divorce and try to start working on your marriage.

Tips On How To Avoid Divorce:
  1. Marriage Counseling: There are a number of marriage counselors who give advices on how to save marriage. Taking professional help will help you know the core of the problem and also a solution to come out of this situation. After a visit to the counselor, you might discover that divorce is not actually desirable and the problems can be solved by little adjustments.

  2. Talk it out with your spouse: Do not take the decision of divorce on your own. Only both of you can decide whether divorce is actually desirable. Imagine life without spouse and see whether you actually feel happy in that situation. Sit with your spouse and discuss whether a little adjustment can save this relationship. Do not take the decision of divorce in haste. Think a lot and talk a great deal before you are actually ready.

  3. Go on a vacation: Sometimes life becomes monotonous and there is no zest to live. Both the spouses become busy in their own life and start feeling distant and indifferent. Many divorces are a result of these indifferences. One spouse starts feeling that the other is no more interested in him/her and thus, takes the call to part ways. Give your relationship a chance by taking a vacation together. You might end up discovering the long lost romance and shun the idea of divorcing your spouse forever.

  4. Separation for a while: Your relationship is deteriorating day by day and there are frequent fights and heated arguments over small issues. This forces you to decide in favor of a divorce. One strategy can be to go away for some days. It is said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. If you start missing each other, then divorce is definitely a bad idea.

  5. Take the help of books: There are lots of good books available in the market that can help you save your marriage. Consult these books before initiating the process of divorce. You will find useful material regarding ways to avoid divorce.
Forgive your partner: If your partner is caught in an extramarital relationship try and forgive if it is his/ her first mistake. You will come to know whether your partner is actually guilty or not. If he/she is actually guilty and shameful, then you should consider giving another chance.

This was a little guide on how to stop your divorce. Divorce is not always the best solution for your problems. Divorce is generally regretted by couples later because it takes away the security that only a family can provide. Divorce should be avoided until and unless there is no scope for any adjustment left. You can get more relationship advice at Orange County Therapy website.

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