Things to do When Getting a Divorce

There are many things to do when getting a divorce. Divorcing your spouse is not an easy task. Many issues regarding alimony, child custody, and marital property division have to be sorted. Apart from the legal procedures, there are other things that are essential in getting a divorce. Here are some of them:

Consult an Attorney

Being informed about all your legal responsibilities and rights is the most critical step in the divorce process. A well experienced divorce lawyer will be able to guide you on the law that applies to your situation and will advise you on the best way to proceed for divorce or to stop. For example, suppose that you and your partner are constantly fighting with each other and as a result, the arguments are causing great disturbance to your children. Your spouse disagrees to move out of the house. Then, you decide to take the children away and live at your parentsí house until the divorce is final. From a legal point of view, shifting to your parentís home temporarily can be a huge mistake. This is one of the issues the lawyer will discuss with you before you opt for divorce. Apart from this, there are many things that you have to know.


When you have thought about getting a divorce, there are many documents that are required to be submitted in the court. It is also called discovery procedure where the household files, tax returns, all bank statements, check registers, investment statements, retirement account statements, employee benefits, life insurance policies, financial statements, mortgage documents, etc. are required and needed for the divorce process to move forward. If your spouse is self-employed, it is essential to gather information about the finances of the business. If you are unaware of the family finances and have not discussed your plans for divorce, the best source of information may be your spouse

Inventory Household and Family Possessions

Invention and making a list of utensils and other major items like jewelry, furniture, etc.

Know the Household Budget and Expenses

Check the register of your household expenses. Note down the monthly expenses and your contribution towards it. Knowledge of your household expenses is important at beginning of the case.

Determine How to Manage the Family Debt

If possible, determine the amount of family debt and pay it down before divorce. Allotment of marital debt among both the spouses is one of the most difficult items to negotiate.

Put Your Kids at the Top

Put your children first as you would be busy in all the divorce procedures. Collecting documents, researching, and discovery procedures are time consuming. This will make your children feel deserted. Pay attention towards your child and give him/her proper time from your busy schedule. If you and your spouse cannot be together with the child without arguing with each other, then take out separate time schedule to meet him/her.

Above mentioned are all the things to do when you are getting divorced. Most important thing is paying attention to your child and making him feel secured with you.