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Getting Pennsylvania Divorce

Pennsylvania is a state that offers easy and fast divorce. For getting Pennsylvania divorce, couples have to strictly abide by the divorce laws of the state. There are certain requirements and eligibility which are required to be satisfied before filing for divorce.

Residential Requirement:

Either of the divorcing couples must be a bona fide resident for a minimum period of 6 months in this Commonwealth, immediately before the commencement of divorce. One needs to file for divorce in the county where the respondent resides, or if the respondent doesn’t reside in this Commonwealth, then the filing can be done where the plaintiff resides.

Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania:

There is fault as well as no-fault grounds for divorce in this state. Those who want to get a fast divorce in this state can file divorce on no-fault grounds.

  • Fault: Any one filing for divorce on fault grounds is required to prove the faults in the court. The fault grounds include committed adultery, willful and malicious desertion for more than one year, barbarous and in human treatment endangering the life of innocent spouse, imprisonment for more than two years after marriage and bigamous marriage while the former marriage is still existing.
  • Irretrievable breakdown: This is one of the no-fault grounds. The court may grant a divorce where the couples have filed a divorce stating, “Irretrievable breakdown of marriage” as a ground for their divorce. For this, they need to file an affidavit alleging that they have lived separately for a period of two years or more and the marriage is irretrievably broken.
  • Mutual consent: For getting quick Pennsylvania divorce, couples often go for mutual consent as a ground for divorce. In this, couple has to allege that the marriage has permanently broken down and 90 days has already elapsed. An affidavit is required to be filed with the court stating that both parties are in consent for the divorce.
  • Institutionalization: The court can grant divorce if either of the spouses is insane or have a serious mental disorder. Due to this, the person has to be confined in a mental institution for a continuous period of 18 months prior to commencement of the action.

Getting Pennsylvania Divorce:

  1. The complaint papers for divorce are required to be filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania requesting to dissolve the marriage.
  2. State the grounds for divorce. It depends upon your situation that what grounds you are going to file. For getting Pennsylvania divorce, you can file for no-fault or fault grounds.
  3. If your case is uncontested and you have no-fault grounds for divorce, then you can receive the final decree after 91 days of filing the case.
  4. If your case is contested, that is you and your spouse don’t agree on divorcing issues then the divorce can take years to get finalized.
  5. After the divorce gets finalized, divorcing parties needs to sign the divorce decree issued by the judge to make it legal.

    Getting Pennsylvania divorce is not difficult at all. If you and your spouse are in agreement over the terms of divorce, the process gets geared up.

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