Getting Oregon Divorce

Oregon is a state of no-fault divorce. This means that in this state there is no need for a specific reason to obtain a divorce. It can be granted on the grounds of irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Although the grounds are simple, care should be taken when it comes to getting Oregon divorce.

Each state has its own legal requirements which are necessary to be fulfilled. Oregon also has defined rules and regulations for divorce. The duration and simplicity of divorce totally depends upon the level of agreement between the spouses.

Residential Requirements

Either of the divorcing couples must be a resident of Oregon for at least a period of six months before filing, if the marriage was not performed in the state. There is no durational requirement if the marriage was performed in Oregon and any one of the couples is a resident of the state at the time of filing. Divorce may be filed in a county where either of the couples resides.

Steps in Filing the Divorce Papers

  1. You need to file the papers in the country circuit court clerk’s office where your spouse lives.
  2. The paperwork begins with filing the petition for dissolution of marriage and summons in the county courthouse. The divorce petition names you as plaintiff and your spouse as defendant. What you are asking for in the divorce is represented by the petition you file. It may include issues like spousal support, marital property, child custody and support. A document known as Summons, notifies that you have filed for divorce.
  3. While filing the dissolution papers, you are also required to pay the filing fee. Depending on the county in which you file for divorce, the filing fee may vary from $100 to $400. In case the filing fee is unaffordable, you can apply for a fee deferral or a fee waiver.
  4. Next, you need to serve your spouse with the divorce papers. Petitions and summons must be served to your spouse. You can hire a local sheriff or a professional server to serve your spouse. Serving can also be done by your friend or your relative who is more than 18 years in age. Official filling occurs when you have served your spouse.

Getting Oregon divorce could become difficult without a lawyer. It is necessary to perform all the paperwork without any mistake to avoid any type of rejection from the court. A lawyer can guide you well in filling and filing the divorce forms. But hiring a lawyer is always costly.

In case you don’t have much money to spend on lawyers and your case is not too complicated, you can go for online paperwork. There are many websites that provide divorce papers online. These papers are genuine and are considered by the court. Proper instructions are also available on these websites regarding filling these forms. Different states have different divorce papers. So be careful in selecting the papers online while getting Oregon divorce.