Getting Georgia Divorce

Getting Georgia Divorce requires couples to follow the state divorce guidelines. This help divorcing parties and the court to carry out the divorce process smoothly. Lesser the mistakes less will be the time required to finalize a divorce.

Residential Requirement:

For Getting Georgia divorce, a person must fulfill the residential requirement. Either of the couple must be a bona fide resident of Georgia for at least six months prior to filing the case.

Grounds for Divorce in Georgia:

The state of Georgia recognizes fault as well as no-fault grounds for divorce. The fault grounds include mental instability at the time of marriage, marriage between close blood relations, force or fraud done during the marriage, impotency, adultery, willful desertion by either of the spouses for more than a year, cruel treatment, addiction to drugs, habitual intoxication and conviction of either party or imprisonment for a period not less than two years.

To get a no-fault divorce in Georgia, divorcing couples have to simply state “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” as a ground for their divorce.

Mandatory Documents:

For getting Georgia divorce, paperwork is unavoidable. According to this state’s divorce law, the Petition for Divorce, the Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce are the most essential documents required to start and finalize a divorce. For getting a divorce in Georgia, some other documents are also required. This includes Affidavit regarding child custody, Disclosure Statement, Financial Affidavit, Marital Settlement Agreement and Domestic relations information forms.

Legal Separation:

In Georgia, either of the couple can file a petition in the court for child support or alimony without having a divorce pending. This can occur only if couples are living separately. A notification of such a petition will be sent to the other party. If no answer is received from the defendant, the judge can grant the demands of the petitioner.

Filing for Divorce in Georgia:

  1. Satisfy the residential requirement. To get a cheap and fast divorce in this state, your case must be uncontested.
  2. File a petition for divorce in the county court house. If you have children from your marriage, additional forms and documents are required to be submitted. Divorce forms can be obtained from the courthouse clerk of the county or online from divorce websites.
  3. Complete the forms carefully. You need to the state reasons and the grounds for dissolution of your marriage. Get the forms signed and notarized before filing.
  4. Pay the filing fee. In Georgia, $80 is charged as filing fee that needs to be paid to the court clerk while filing for divorce.

Getting Georgia divorce is fast and inexpensive. An uncontested divorce gets finalized within 30 to 45 days. The time limit may increase in case the divorce comprise of one or more child from the marriage. In such a situation, the judge grants a divorce only after completion of a parenting course. But if the divorce is contested, then the time limit is very uncertain. It can take from few months to years for the divorce to get finalized.