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Getting divorce in Washington State

In Washington family law is influenced by legal as well as social and economic factors. While getting divorce in Washington State, you have to be legally married to file for a divorce. You must have marriage certificate of your marriage. Legal marriages from other states and countries are considered as applicable in Washington. To file a divorce in Washington, one must require to be met the court expectations. If the court discovers it does not have rights to applay for the divorce, the case it will not be accepted and it will finally be dismissed. The requirements are as below:

When a party who (1) Is staying in this state or (2) is a part of the armed forces and is stationed in this state, or (3) Is married to a party who is staying in this state, can apply for getting divorce in Washington State.

Following are some important points to keep in mind for getting divorce in Washington State:

  • Washington is a “no-fault divorce” state, there is no need to blame or prove that the other spouse’s fault for the failure of the marriage. According to Washington state divorce laws, if one spouse in the marriage believes that the marriage is permanently broken and no longer have saluting then he\she can apply for the divorce.
  • Getting divorce in Washington is possible only when you or your spouse currently staying in Washington State.
  • In Washington, three months of waiting period is provided by the court. This means when you file the petition in the Washington state divorce court, it is a time 90 days to think twice for couple before it is signed by the court. It may take longer particularly when your spouse has objections to any part the complaint e.g. regarding child custody or property division.
  • In these three months of waiting period, temporary orders of parenting plane for dependent child, protection or financial support can be issued from the court.
  • For getting divorce in Washington States one must requires a mediator or a trained neutral, usually a lawyer, psychologist, or accountant to help couple reach an agreement without court lawyer’s involvement. It works best when both the spouses are decided mutually to get divorce. It helps to save a couple’s money, time as well as energy
  • If the couple is agree on four basic issues , alimony, division of property and debts and if there are children, child custody, and child support ,then it is called as ‘uncontested divorce’ in Washington. In this case the court will not interfere in couple’s agreement. Filing of this uncontested divorce takes less time.
  • Lawyers set their own fees in Washington, so costs and payment planning may vary. It is appropriate to discuss fees with a lawyer at the beginning of the case.

To start the divorce process in Washington State following instructions are necessary to keep in mind:

Complete divorce form : Online forms are available to file the petition. It is filed by one spouse and served to other spouse.

Filing fee in Washington State is nearly 200-300 dollars. Remaining costs may include photocopying and delivery service fees. If one cannot afford this fee, there is a special form that will request the Washington court to waive the filing fee.

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