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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Texas

Texas is known for the easiest laws of divorce in all of the united state. Getting divorce in Texas is more helpful as it has very short waiting period.Taxas is known as ‘no fault’ divorce state.

Following are the important points to keep in mind for getting divorce in Texas

  • The average total cost of divorce in Texas is nearly 10,000 dollars only for each spouse including legal fees. If both the spouses are agree to the term and conditions of the divorce, Texas lawyers charge nearly 3,000 dollars only to handle the divorce papers.
  • If couple has mutual agreement regarding child custody, marital property, they can complete their divorce process more quickly with less cost as compare to others. Texas takes only 60 days to complete all the divorce process.
  • This is known that couples can use either ‘fault’ or ‘no fault’ grounds as the basis for getting divorce in Texas. In other case couples can get divorce on the fact that they are staying separate for two years.
  • This is very surprising that, Texas charges a filing fee in the range of 300 dollars only. If one cannot afford this fee they can apply to have the fee waived.
  • Although it is a divorce between two people, but only one of them can present at the court hearing.

Some important instructions for getting divorce in Texas are provided here:

  • Find a lawyer to work with you on filing for a divorce. You can fill out the paperwork yourself.
  • Make sure you meet all the necessities of the divorce law. You need to be in Texas at least for six months to file the divorce
  • Fill the form of an "Original Petition for Divorce" with the help of county clerk and give a copy of the petition to your spouse.
  • Decide with your spouse or lawyer about dividing property, child custody and child support.
  • Appear in court on the day of hearing with all the papers. If you and your spouse are disagree about property or children custody, it is possible to take more than one court date to get the divorce finalized.

Process of getting divorce in Texas:

  • Take along filing fee and signed copies of original petition form to the country district clerk’s office. Clerk will ‘file stamp’ your copies indicating date and time of the petition. After this clerk will fix the date of court hearing.
  • For mutual divorce (uncontested divorce), both the spouses are said to file the form. In case of contested divorce, your spouse would be served copy of the petition by court. So you need to pay extra charge to serve papers. When your spouse signs the waiver then only you can file the signed waiver with clerk office.
  • You have to wait for 61 days for the next step.
  • At the time of finalizing divorce, the person who files the petition has to go to the court. First the judge hears the decision. After that he\she will sign the decree of divorce. This is the final step of getting divorce in Texas.

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