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Getting divorce in Oregon

There are different laws of divorce for different States. Getting a divorce in Oregon also differs from other states regarding its divorce laws. Issues regarding the divorce process in Oregon are discussed as below:

  • Oregon has ‘no fault’ ground for divorce. The only reason you can show is that you and your spouse cannot solve the problems related to the relationships between you both. The law calls this ground as ‘irreconcilable differences’.
  • For getting a divorce in Oregon, you or your spouse must have resided in Oregon for six months before filing for divorce. It is important to file a in a county in which one of you lives.
  • For the ‘uncontested’ type of divorce you and your spouse agree about all the conditions of the divorce. You have to make divorce paperwork by yourself. In case of the ‘contested’ divorce, you will certainly need a lawyer.
  • Oregon law provides a short form of summary dissolution proceeding for people with uncomplicated divorce cases. If you fulfill all the requirements for a summary dissolution. You can get the forms at the county courthouse.
  • Nearly all Oregon counties have family court facilitators accessible at the courthouse to help you in completing and filing self-help divorce forms.
  • To get divorce you must file some documents, as well as a petition for dissolution of marriage, with the court clerk’s office at the local county court. These petitions request the court and your spouse that you are asking for dissolution of marriage.
  • You'll need three copies of documents one for you, one for the court clerk and one for your spouse
  • This will help to inform your spouse that a divorce action has been started.
  • You must pay the fees that are charged for filing a divorce request. You will be required to pay extra cost for serving the documents to your spouse.
  • Create divorce arrangements with your spouse settling the issues such as, primary care of the children, alimony, how property and assets should be divided and support issues. These settled matters will help to save the time and simplifies the process of divorce.
  • Court clerk will fix the trials of your case. Finally divorce decree will be signed by the judge which is the final step of your divorce. If any of the spouses is not satisfied with the decree he\she can appeal to family court for reopening of the case.
  • Court costs and filing fees range from 100-400 US Dollars. The court clerk’s office at your local law court can give details information about the costs and fees in your county.
  • If you cannot afford to pay the costs and fees for getting divorce, you can ask the judge to waive your fee or postpone them to a later date. You will also need to fill court papers that will give the information about your less income.

All these steps give you important information about getting a divorce in Oregon.

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