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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Ohio

Process of divorce is always painful. You should know all the important issues and points regarding divorce before applying for it. Getting a divorce in Ohio state has its special rules and regulations. Following are some important points to consider while getting a divorce in Ohio.

  • To take divorce in Ohio, the first thing you should keep in mind is that Ohio makes divorce process easy and inexpensive if both the spouses are decided to end the marriage. Couples have to make certain settlement agreements and child custody arrangements so start the process.
  • If any of the spouses doesn't want to end the marriage then getting a divorce in Ohio may be more difficult and complex.
  • To apply for getting a divorce you must reside in Ohio for at least six months. At least 90 days resident is required in the county in which you are going to file for divorce. If you and your spouse jointly agree to end of your marriage, either of you must have stayed in Ohio for six months to meet residency necessities.
  • Ohio law undergoes very simple and fast procedure for couples who want to end their marriage. Both you and your spouse must apply for a ‘petition for dissolution of marriage’. It must be attached with the separation agreement covering issues such as division of community property, spousal support and in case of minor children, requirements regarding custody, visitation and child support. You can also add a parenting plan.
  • Nearly after 30 -90 days after the petition is filed, you and your spouse must go to court and submit your signed settlement agreement, convince the court that you are satisfied with your mutual arrangements and want to end your marriage.
  • In case if your spouse does not want to dissolve the marriage, you will have to file a complaint for divorce and state grounds. You can prefer a ‘no-fault’ ground of incompatibility.
  • If you and your spouse have lived apart for one year this can be a ground of divorce in Ohio. Other grounds for getting divorce includes abandonment, extreme cruelty, adultery, fraud, neglect, criminal record, habitual drunkenness, or if your spouse is already married to someone else.
  • Prepare your important documents. It is right to consult a lawyer who specializes in family law or divorce process.
  • If you and your spouse want to avoid high legal fees for getting divorce, there are some special nonprofit organizations available in Ohio that can help you with an ‘assisted divorce’ Theses organizations help you like a lawyer to fill out your important forms and documents. They also guide you through the divorce process.
  • File your petition at the county clerk's office. Each county has different filing fee.
  • Court clerk will give you a court date. If you and your spouse both want to break up your marriage and agree on key matters you will receive a final decree within one month after you both file.

In this way getting a divorce in Ohio always try to provide easy solution for marriage dissolution.

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