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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Minnesota

The process of divorce is always complex. But once you made the choice and begin the process, it has to be simple and less time spending for you. For getting a divorce in Minnesota following steps helps to make the process simple .To start the divorce process you should:

  • Compile the financial property related papers of both partners
  • Open new credit account only on your own name
  • Close credit accounts which are having joint names
  • Remove half of the money from joint bank accounts

In Minnesota court law, a divorce is called ‘dissolution of marriage’. For getting a divorced in Minnesota, one of the spouses must have resided in Minnesota for 180 days before filing for the divorce. It can take more than a few months to complete your divorce process.

List of important divorce papers to be filed during getting divorce.

  • Petition and Summons : The divorce process begins with these two papers. After filing of these papers, they are served to your spouse.
  • Answer to the petition : Your spouse is expected to file this paper within a fixed period after the divorce documents are severed.

If the spouses reach an agreement regarding property division and child custody, the following documents must be prepared.

  • Order for judgment
  • Conclusions of law
  • Stipulated findings of fact
  • Judgment and decree

Motion : This is a paper requests the judge to take decision about an issues like temporary order regarding spousal support, child custody, child support etc. You have to obey these orders till the final divorce decree is approved.

The final divorce document : Once the partners have filed for a divorce, it is suggested that they should try to have equitable settlement about all the issues of divorce. They should take the help of a lawyer who can guide them in proper direction.

The step for settlement is known as discovery. In this settlement process;

  • The divorcing spouses should collect all the related data that will help to solve the divorce issues.
  • The formal method of discovery is well know, where data is collected by written requests to the other partner and answering the other partner’s request as well.
  • The informal method of discovery is taking information by means of phone calls or letters
  • The partners can individually or jointly involve third persons to solve the issues.

When all the relevant data has been collected, the divorcing partners accompanied by their attorneys solve the issues is and make a documents termed as a ‘Marital settlement agreement’. It covers various issues like maintenance, child support, custody, visitation provision, property division etc. Both the spouses must sign this agreement. If all such attempts be unsuccessful, then you can apply for the trial.

A trial involves the following steps:

  • Presentation of facts
  • Statements of witnesses

The Judge studies all the facts of the divorce case and then approves the final divorce decree. In this way getting a divorce in Minnesota becomes easy with the help of these rule provided to you.

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