Getting divorce in Michigan

Michigan is a ‘no fault’ divorce state since 1973.However fault can be taken into consideration at the time of property division. The residency requirement in Michigan is 6 months. Getting divorce in Michigan is possible in any county of Michigan provided you and your spouse have lived for the last 10 days there. You can easily get divorce in Michigan by knowing following important issues of divorce process:

There are some important processes in court proceedings. They are as follow.

For getting divorce in Michigan you must keep following information:

Trials : If husband and wife are not able to negotiate a settlement, the Court will plan for the trials. It can take a few hours or weeks, depending on the circumstances. At the conclusion of the Trial, the Family court judge will make an opinion on the issues. One of the lawyers will then draft a Judgment of divorce including the terms and provisions given by the Judge.

In this way getting divorce in Michigan always focus on the couple’s welfare as well as in the interest of child.