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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Florida

Divorce process always cause emotional pain and economical loss. Getting divorce in Florida is easiest as compare to other states. If you and your spouse agree about how to divide your belongings and your debts, and there is no minor or dependent child, then the divorce process in Florida can be inexpensive .You must have valid papers and agree to go to short court hearing together. Some important steps for getting divorce in mentioned as below:

  • To get Florida ‘no-fault’ divorce, you must reside in the state for at least 6 months. ‘No fault’ divorce means you don't have to blame each other for the breakup of marriage. Court agrees the reason that you are incompatible.
  • You must file in the county where you live or where you both last lived together.
  • You can download all the papers needed for a no-fault Florida divorce from internet or they are easily accessible at circuit court office.
  • For getting a divorce in Florida, there are five different forms to be filled. They are as follow:
  • Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage [Florida Florida Law Rules of Procedures Form 12.901(a)]
  • Financial Affidavits[Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.902(b) or (c)--one copy for each spouse]
  • Social security notice[ Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.902(j)]
  • Marital property settlement agreement, [Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.902(f)(3)] which both parties fill out together a sign
  • Final judgment of dissolution of marriage[ Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.990(a)]
  • Get all the documents regarding the forms, including proof of Florida residency.
  • If one spouse doesn't have a valid Florida state identification e.g. driver’s license, he/she might need a notarized affidavit stating that you have lived in Florida at least 6 months.
  • Submit the paperwork at the circuit courthouse, and give the filing fee. These fees vary with county. The court fee ranges from 250 to 410 US dollars .If one cannot afford the filing fee, he\she can ask for special consideration for indigents, but that will take a time.
  • Complete the civil court cover sheet at the time of paying the fee. At this time, you can decide about the name change of wife. In this way new name will become the part of the divorce decree.
  • After the completion of the process you will get the divorce court date. The clerk will directly give you the date of trials, or mail it to you.
  • For uncontested divorce, you have to go together in the court. A judge will question briefly about whether you both agree to end the marriage. Judge will also ask whether you agree about how to divide property and debts.
  • If you both agree to the conditions. You will both sign the divorce decree. Copies of the papers will be mailed to both your addresses in a few weeks.
  • After a regular dissolution of marriage, if you think that the judge's decision was incorrect, you can appeal that decision. If in the trials, it is found that judge makes a mistake in divorce law, or has abused his judgment, the decision may be change.

Before you take any legal steps for getting divorce in Florida, you should make sure that you have tried all possible ways to save your marriage. This will defiantly help to get divorce with less pain, without a stress and emotional imbalance.

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