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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Colorado

There are many important issues to know for getting a divorce in Colorado. Colorado divorce laws are very specific and vary from the laws of others states. The important guidelines for taking a divorce in Colorado are mentioned below:

  • Residency requirement: To get divorced in Colorado, one of the spouses must have been a resident of the state for at least 90 days to filing the divorce case. You can file for the divorce process in the county where your spouse resides or the county in which you resides.
  • Colorado grounds for divorce The type of divorce takes place in Colorado is known as ‘no-fault’ divorce where you can mention the reason of divorce as ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage’. In case of ‘fault’ divorce process you have to mention the specific reasons for the divorce to the court. Besides the grounds of divorce, Colorado ‘do it yourself service’ will do divorces on an ‘Agreed’ or a ‘Default’ basis.
  • In agreed divorce process, the spouses agree on the settlement of the divorce such as Colorado child support, Colorado property distribution, or Colorado child custody. Most of couples prefer the agreed divorce method. Both the spouses sign the divorce papers.
  • In default divorce process, the other spouse does not sign the Colorado Divorce forms; he/she doesn’t do anything at all with the divorce. Court simply defaults the case and the spouse who filed petition for divorce gets whatever was asked for in the paperwork.

Steps to file for divorce in Colorado court. They are as follow:

  • File Colorado divorce forms
  • Notify Spouse of your filing for divorce.
  • Attend your divorce hearing

Colorado court solves following issues for getting a divorce.

  • Colorado Child Custody in a shared agreement. If a sole custody arrangement is to be considered one parent is to have the children. Normally the economic condition of a parent is not to be considered for giving any parental rights and responsibilities. Shared custody or sole custody of child may be awarded for the welfare of child. Colorado child support guidelines Determines amount of support that is in the child's best interest.
  • According to Colorado court property is divided so that both parties agree to the division. The main purpose is to avoid the fight between spouses regarding property. Colorado divorce lawyer this property regarding solve issue.
  • In an Uncontested divorce, support may be granted to either spouse for their maintenance after the divorce. In Colorado as most spouses are working, alimony is typically for a shorter period of time, and in smaller amount than in the past.
  • If you do not know where your spouse is, you may still get a divorce in Colorado. Only thing is that it takes some extra expenses for running a newspaper ad or something similar to this.
  • To file for divorce in Colorado, fees must usually be paid when you file the Colorado divorce forms at your county courthouse. These fees vary between county to county.

In this way Colorado divorce process is easy to understood and less time pending as compare to other state.

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