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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in California

Divorce is one of the difficult challenges in life. Divorce always results in emotional, intellectual and financial loss. Getting divorce in California is basically a matter of filing a few important divorces papers and waits for six months. But in some cases it could become very complicated. There is requirement of family court negotiation and various hearings.

Steps for getting divorce in California

  • In California, divorce cases takes place as "no-fault" divorce ground. Court will not give fault to one spouse or the other for the breakdown of the marriage.
  • California has single grounds for divorce which is ‘incompatible’ differences between the couples which have led to the permanent breakdown of the marriage’.
  • For obtaining a divorce, the courts are not interested in adultery or inflicted mental or physical abuse of the parties. These things may, however, in applicable cases, that can be considered in deciding other issues, such as family support or child custody.
  • Before you file for divorce you need to think and plan for the events that are about to come. It is important to hire the right lawyer
  • To get divorce with minimum loss you have to make every effort toward settlement. Explaining your intentions to your spouse. Mutual understanding is very important in the process of divorce.
  • In California divorce laws vary among states, and each county may have different rules
  • Visit to your local family law courthouse .In California, the court operates a ‘facilitators’ office to assist those who want to represent themselves without lawyer.
  • Get all your financial documents, including tax returns, all retirement accounts and all financial accounts for the last five years.
  • Close all your joint accounts. During the divorce processes court will divide all accounts equally considering it as a marital property.
  • Keep record of all debts incurred or paid once you separate from your spouse.
  • Keep record of any money that you give to your spouse as alimony or child support.
  • The family law judge may also allocate spousal support or child support. The amount of spousal support, or alimony, is determined by taking into account some factors as the standard of living during the marriage, the married life span, and the earning history of both the parties. Court will decide child support amounts using guidelines given by the state court system.
  • In California, the waiting period after filing the divorce is six months.
  • While getting divorce, you have to negotiate a custody plan if child is involved. California courts offer free support to help the parents work.
  • If argument arises regarding a property issue after the divorce was granted, an ex-spouse can go back to court and ask the judge to resolve it.
  • Divorced couples usually go back to court to solve the issues relating to child support, spousal support, or child custody and visitation.

In California the fee ranges for a divorce lawyer is in between 100 to 450 US dollars per an hour. Total estimated of getting a divorce in California is between 8,000 and 130,000 US dollar. All these factors defiantly help to get divorce in California.

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