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Divorce Guide

Getting divorce in Alabama

For getting a divorce in Alabama, you have to satisfy all the requirements that are necessary for the family court. Following are the important issues regarding the divorce in Alabama.

  • At least one of you must have resided in Alabama for not less than six months.
  • File for the divorce process only in the county where your spouse resides, or in the county where the two of you lived before you get separated. If your spouse does not live in Alabama, file the divorce in the county where you live. In case of an uncontested divorce, you both can choose to file in any county you wish.
  • Alabama court takes 30-day waiting period after the petition for divorce is filed. Considering this short waiting period, most of the couples of Alabama decide to file the complaint during the negotiation of the important issues of an uncontested divorce. This helps to save the time of the divorce process.
  • Important grounds for divorce in Alabama are adultery, habitual drunkenness or drug use, abandonment, or violence against the spouse. The vast majority of divorces are granted on the ‘no fault’ grounds of incompatibility and irretrievable breakdown.
  • Alabama is an ‘equitable distribution’ state. In short-term marriage, the division of property is simple and easy. Court decides to give back to each spouse what he / she contributed to the marriage, and also divides the marital property and debt that earned during the marriage. In case of long term marriage, property division can get complicated.
  • It is important to consult the lawyer, and tell the information regarding the amount of property, including real estate, vehicles, businesses, stock, stock options, bank accounts etc. to solve the issue of marital property distribution

Steps for getting a divorce in Alabama:

  • Prepare a marital settlement agreement and a financial statement of both the spouses .Submit it to the court.
  • Now fill all of the other important papers given by the court for divorce. These are the complaint, appearance, decree, and certificate of Divorce.
  • Make two copies of every document that you are going to file. Your spouse should sign the appearance, consent, and waiver along with the complaint that you are filing with the court
  • You will need to go to the court clerk office and pay the filing fee for divorce .
  • After analyzing all the documents by the judge, clerk will tell you the information about the hearings, its schedules and you will be provided with the date and time of each trial.
  • While getting a divorce it is strongly recommended by court that you should attend co-parent counseling with your spouse. This will help to avoid the bad impact of divorce on your child.
  • You have to attend the hearings. In the last process of getting divorce judge will decide decree of divorce. It has to sign by you both and judge.

Though getting divorce is a complicated process theses guidelines will help you to handle the process properly.

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