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Divorce Guide

Getting an Online Divorce

Getting an online divorce is a good idea for those couples who don’t have money to spend on divorce. Couples who are not financially sound and have agreed on all terms of divorce can go for an online divorce. This is very much similar to do it yourself divorce.

Couples prefer getting an online divorce because they can prepare the papers at their own pace. Total control of divorce is in the hands of the couples and there is no interference from the third party. No need to wait for a lawyer’s appointment, no need to take a day off from your job and neither to indulge into hectic divorce processes. These online divorce services provide a complete pack for an easy and fast divorce.

How to Get an Online Divorce:

  1. For getting an online divorce, you and your spouse must agree on all elements of divorce. Discuss and decide on division of assets, properties, child custody, support and visitation. Try to avoid any differences if you don’t want an attorney for your case. Online divorces are only for those couples who have the least complications and hassles in their case.
  2. Whatever you decide about divorcing issues put it on paper. This will help you while filing the divorce forms online. Get a copy done for both the parties after completing the divorce online.
  3. Websites such as www.OurDivorceAgreement.com, www.LegalZoom.com, or www.Complete Case.com offers online divorce papers. These websites charge around $200 to $350 for the services they provide. Check all these websites and select one that best suits your needs. State specific forms can be availed from these websites. You just need to select the right state and forms for yourself.
  4. All steps required to obtain divorce forms online are clearly mentioned in these websites. It also provides instructions and guidance to fill divorce forms. You just need to follow these instructions to successfully fill your forms. In these forms, certain questions are asked and you are required to provide appropriate answers to it. Ensure that both spouses are present while filling these forms. In situation of any disagreement, the site may refer you to a lawyer.
  5. After completing the online forms, submit all the paperwork to your county courthouse. This can be done in person, mail or fax. This will reduce the possibility of delay in receiving the paperwork. Verify with the county court that your forms have been received or not.

There are some websites where you need to register yourself in order to avail online forms. www.mydivorceusa.com is an example of such a website. You can login using the account information sent by them. An online divorce forms library is available from where you can choose your state of divorce.

These online papers are mostly in a PDF format. Click on the form which you require and get a print out of the same from your computer. In some PDF files you are required to type in the information while others can be filled manually.

Getting an online divorce is cheap, but you are needed to be careful while selecting the forms online. Different forms are required depending on the complexity of your case.

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