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Getting a Divorce while Pregnant

Divorce is a sad reality for many couples in the US and can occur for many different reasons. Getting a divorce while pregnant is one of the highest rated stress events as well as a very emotionally charged event that a woman has to deal with. This time is the most difficult time regardless on which side you are (i.e. party asking for divorce or receiving it).

Pregnancy is a very emotionally charged period. There is an excitement of bringing a new life in to the world, raging hormones that bring about fits of crying and anger among many others and the nervousness of everything going perfectly for the little one that is growing within you.

The stress from divorce would definitely be felt by the growing baby and it is important that you try to minimize that negative stress, so that it doesnít affect yours and the babyís health. Though it might be easier said than done, it is possible.

First and foremost, make sure that you are definite about getting a divorce while pregnant. Many a times, couples give upon marriages as they cannot tolerate each other face to face and let anger and frustration dominate their thoughts. They do not learn the coping skills that our past generations mastered and lived to sustain long and healthy marriages. So if your relationship is not plagued with violence and infidelity, look at the reasons for your problem and see if they can be solved.

Remember that pregnancy hormones could lead to magnify things that are not as awful as they might seem. Call upon the support of your friends and family when you know that your marriage is about to get over. Always be around with people who care for you and can provide positive thoughts for you, so that you donít bring negative thoughts in your mind.

If the man you are divorcing is the father of your unborn child, then keep him involved in the pregnancy and birth of the child. If you donít do so then you are hurting your child by keeping the father away because of your anger and ill feeling towards him. Always remember that parenting is about the child and not just you.

Never stay together just because you are having a child, because if the reasons for divorce are still there between you and your spouse, then it might affect your child as it grows. This atmosphere is not at all good for your child and it would set a bad example in front of him/her about marriage. Your child might then not be able to handle the various situations in life.

Nevertheless, even after the baby is born and the divorce is final, the emotional work is far from over. Most women donít prefer getting a divorce while pregnant as there is too much mental stress involved and her main job is to take care of herself and her baby.

Divorce is tough and being pregnant is not ideal when you are going through it. Nonetheless, it is not the end of the world and you can get through this with a healthy child.

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