Getting a divorce in NY

Getting a divorce in NY is an easy process. New York divorce court helps the parties to get divorced and deal with the family issues taking place. The divorce cases are mostly handled by the Supreme Court of New York City.

There are certain requirements and grounds mentioned in New York law that you should fulfill before filing. You must meet the residency requirements for the court to accept your case. You must be living in New York for at least one year. But if you were married outside New York, then you must live in the state for at least two years before filing the petition.

There are two types of grounds for filing divorce, fault and no-fault ground. New York City considers six grounds for divorce; out of which four grounds are on fault divorce, and remaining on no-fault divorce. The grounds for fault divorce include:

Even if both the parties decide to file for uncontested divorce, they have to mention any one of the grounds. Without proper grounds, New York divorce court will reject your case.

New York divorce case considers the issues related to family law. It includes alimony, property division, and child custody and child support and debt payment.

Process for Getting a Divorce in NY

The process of getting the divorce in any state starts when a petition is filed and ends when one divorce certificate is received.

Getting a divorce in NY is easy as long as the residential requirements are met and the spouses mutually agree to the divorce issues.