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Divorce Guide

Getting a Divorce in Iowa

For getting a divorce in Iowa, you must complete a written Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The divorce rate in Iowa State is twice as high compared with the previous years.

Residency Requirements for Iowa Divorce

To obtain a divorce in Iowa State, there are certain residency requirements that are required for both the spouses to meet. Both the spouses should be a resident of the state for 1 year while filing for divorce. And if either of the spouse is not a resident, and he or she does not have a residency proof, and then divorce can be filed in the county where either party resides.

No-Fault Based Grounds

The grounds that are considered for filing a divorce in Iowa are:

  • Breakdown of marriage due to irreconcilable differences is one of the grounds for divorce. These differences are such that the marital bonding between you and your spouse has destroyed and it cannot be in a normal state.
  • Before filing for divorce, be sure of what you want from the divorce. The issues that are discussed and can be solved mutually by you and your spouse are alimony, child support, child custody, marital assets, and property distribution. If these issues are solved, then the divorce process cannot be a lengthy one and it turns to be a simple process.

Procedure for Getting a Divorce in Iowa

  • Obtain a petition from the clerk of an Iowa court. Complete the petition as it is an important form for the divorce process. You can file the petition in the same Iowa County where you and your spouse had lived together, or you can also file in any county in Iowa.
  • File the dissolution of marriage petition in the county. Pay the required fee with the petition. The court clerk will inform you the exact amount to be paid. You can also file a form FL-109 to obtain a postponement if you cannot afford the fees stated by the court clerk. A copy of the petition will then be served upon the other party or respondent who will have to respond to the petition within 20 calendar days.
  • You can also seek help from a lawyer who is well experienced in handling divorce cases. An attorney will help you in the divorce proceedings. He/she will guide you about the laws and will tell you your rights as a petitioner (person filing the petition). The lawyer may charge you for it.
  • You will have to wait for minimum 90 days for the divorce to be finalized. This is counted from the day the petition was served on the respondent (the other party).

Getting a divorce in Iowa State is also possible in a short time if either of the spouses collects the paper by visiting online websites. These websites provide the divorce papers free of cost or they are available at less cost. If any of the spouse decided to get these papers online, need of a lawyer is not necessary. This will save time and money of visiting the court.

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