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Divorce Guide

Advice for Women Getting a Divorce

Many of us donít believe that divorce would happen to us, but itís a fact that in some countries the divorce rate is almost as high as 50%. Itís painful and emotionally and physically draining experience. Thus, giving advice for women getting a divorce is very useful as women need divorce advice that is specially customized for them.

Once you decide that you are going to get a divorce, there are certain things you can do to get ready:

  • Start a War Chest: You would need your own money for divorce. If you are dependent on your spouse and if he decides to cut off support, then you should be able to maintain yourself and your children for a while. You would probably need funds to hire a lawyer. If you have to borrow money from a friend or relative, make sure to sign a promissory note, so that the court would consider it as a loan that you have to repay and not as a gift.
  • Keep a Divorce Calendar: If you are presently using a desk calendar or a day planner, you would now need to include your divorce events in it. You would need to keep a track of the meetings with your lawyer and court deadlines and also the discussions with your spouse. If your spouse doesnít come to the meeting or violates an agreement or court order in some way, you can use a divorce calendar as evidence by keeping all the tracks in it.
  • Set up a Divorce File: You can set up individual files for various categories of divorce papers. For e.g. drafts of agreement, correspondence with your lawyer, financial information and pleadings.
  • Cut Expenses: You should pay all your debts like credit cards or student loans (if any) as much as possible before a divorce. Itís advisable for women getting a divorce to clear all her debts as there would be no burden on her in future and she could use the future alimony that she could get for the benefit of her children (if any) and her.
  • Stick to a Routine: Be normal in your daily life as you used to be. Do not skip meals or change sleeping habits. Daily routines like using your to do list and calendar would help you to focus. Exercise is always a great way to relieve stress. Never try to isolate yourself from your friends.
  • Make a Plan: Take it one day at a time and always focus on the present and not the past. Try to control only those things that are within your reach as many things are out of your control in a divorce. Make a proper plan and keep working on it and try not to blow things out of proportion. Thatís how you can take control of your divorce.
  • Do your Research: It would be helpful for you if you can learn about divorce early in the process. If you know very little or nothing about the divorce process, you may not be able to make correct decisions or choices. Internet can be a convenient way to obtain summary and detailed information about divorce.

Thus, the best advice for women getting a divorce would be to be strong during the process and follow the above points properly.

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