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Filing Fees For Divorce

Divorce is an elaborate legal process for marriage separation and the entire process requires considerable amount of money. There is no fixed amount specified for divorce. The longer and complex is the divorce case the greater is the amount to be charged for the execution of the entire divorce procedure. So, it is recommended that once you have decided to end up your marriage make the divorce litigation procedure as simple as possible in order to save money. This can only be done if you and your spouse come to a mutual understanding with respect to the various disputed divorce affairs. Generally, the minimum cost required for filing for divorce ranges from $100 to $350.

A huge chunk of the filing fees for divorce consists of the fees given to the appointed lawyers who represent the estranged spouses in the court. So, curb your expenditure by going for self filing divorce. The following is the fees structure that a normal divorce case can require including the fees of the attorney.
  • The first fee charged is for initial divorce consultation. This is the very first session with your attorney where you will inform him about all your personal details associated to your divorce, the in-depth analysis of your case, necessary recommendations and advices to make the case in favor of you. The consultation charge is mainly about $90.
  • The next that you have to pay is divorce attorney fee. This fee is to be paid to the attorney as he will be representing you in the court. In case of mediation he is the one who will negotiate on behalf of you. The fee generally ranges from $2,000 - $6,500. The simpler forms of divorce cases require not more than $2800 while the complex ones charge higher.
  • You have to pay an extra charge in case you have a child and have to settle for the child custody and child support with your spouse. Generally the modification on child custody rights ranges from $1,250 to $5,500.
  • The fee ranges from $2,500 - $6,500 in case of a settlement regarding alimony and distribution of properties and assets that are jointly possessed by the couples.
  • A charge of around $575 is required for preparing the paper work for filing for divorce.
The total fee for an uncontested divorce is much less than a contested one. For an uncontested divorce the price required from representation to the court to completion of the entire divorce procedure is about $1,490 where as the fee for a contested divorce is much high and gradually increases as it gets more intricate in form.

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