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Divorce Guide

Fast Divorce in Virginia

If you are staying in Virginia and decide to get separated from your spouse permanently, you have to follow many legal procedures which are time taking. To get divorce quickly, fast divorce in Virginia can be helpful. The process varies from states to state, as laws differ. You have to fulfill certain requirements to get a smooth fast divorce.

There are certain eligibility requirements you must complete. You or your spouse should be residing in Virginia for 6months prior of filing divorce. You must have a reason for the separation along with the agreement of property settlement and no children are involved. The divorce filed should be uncontested. If you fit in the requirements then you can file for fast divorce in Virginia.

To get a smooth and free proceeding, follow the tips before filing for fast divorce:

  • Fulfill all residential requirements mentioned above. These requirements are also applicable for military personnel. There is no separate necessity, military people have to follow.
  • If children are not involved, you get divorce after 6 months of separation. You must file for separation with the court
  • If children are involved, you get divorce after 1 year. During this period court orders the couple to attend a one year separation. Maintain a separate residence for at least 1 year.
  • Grounds of divorce should be mentioned. These reasons should be valid. Ground for divorce can be:
    1. Adultery
    2. Cruelty
    3. Spouse imprisonment
    4. Cruelty
    5. Abandonment for year
  • Appoint an attorney, if you cannot file for divorce on your own. An experienced attorney can help you with issues related to alimony, child support or property division.
  • File for the petition and wait for courts date. If you fulfill all the settlement requirements, you will receive hearing date within few weeks.

You can file for fast divorce in Virginia online as well. Mostly divorce in Virginia is based on no fault. So, filing for divorce inline is completely possible. All you need is a good research of websites that grants help in getting a quick divorce.

  • Once you make a research and choose a particular Website, create an account in that Website. Make sure it is completely confidential. Once you sign in, you can secure Virginia divorce case.
  • After you register, a questionnaire will be given to you regarding the information of you and your spouse. Provide all answers and submit it. Give explanations if required.
  • Once you serve with all the questions, you will get forms and documents along with the filing instructions.

The best part of filing online fast divorce in Virginia is that you can make changes in the documents without additional cost. You can reprint the documents as per you want. Itís a simple procedure and acceptable by the court. To file on your own, refer the instructions given.

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