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Divorce Guide

Fast divorce in U.K

Filing for divorce is not an easy task. Divorce in England is granted on the basis of permanent marriage breakdown. To avoid the lengthy procedures of divorce, many people opt for fast divorce in UK. With fast divorce many people get divorced without spending a single penny on the legal proceedings.

There are currently following grounds on which you can get a fast divorce in UK

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behaviour
  3. Desertion
  4. Two years separation with consent
  5. Five years separation without consent

To get a divorce in UK, you must be married for at least a year. Either of the parties must be living in England and Wales. The divorce should be uncontested and issues of children should not be involved.

Filing for fast divorce is easy in United Kingdom. It involves less complication than the procedures followed by us to get divorce by court proceedings. To file for fast divorce you must fulfill the requirements mentioned above. Following steps can be helpful for you to get fats divorce:

  • To begin with the procedure, file for the petition. It can be filed for the grounds mentioned above. The irreconcilable difference is not valid for divorce in UK.
  • Along with the petition file documents like statement of children arrangement (if involved) jointly. Issues related to children are solved in completely different court.
  • Submit the necessary documents and petition to the court. After the submission, you will get the copy of acknowledgement of service petition. This letter is given to your spouse to know about details of the divorce filing.
  • You have to file an affidavit in the court for verification, after you get the acknowledgement letter. The affidavit states that the terms of the divorce petition are acceptable by both the parties. Once the affidavit is verified, proceeding of the hearing takes place.
  • If the court is satisfied with all the documents, and is ready to grant you divorce a decree nisi date is set. Once it is set, both the parties are not required to attend the court hearing.
  • Before the divorce is final there is a mandatory waiting period of six weeks. In this period decree absolute is to be filed, without which divorce is not final.
  • Once the waiting period gets over the court will grant a divorce after the decree absolute submission.
  • To get the decree both the parties must pay particular court fees.

You can file for fast divorce in UK on your own or with the help of online services. Many online websites can guide you in getting the fast divorce. There are few recommended websites for fast divorce in UK.Quickiedivorce.co.uk, Quickie-divorce.com, Click-divorce.co.uk, Absolutedivorce.com and Divorce-online.co.uk.

These websites provide you with the necessary documents along with the information of filing it. The documents are acceptable by the court. You can make changes in the documents without paying additional cost. You can file divorce papers on your own or follow the instructions provided.

The Fast divorce in UK is suggested as itís a less painful process. Both the parties agree on settlements. This process saves time and money spent on lengthy legal procedures.

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