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Divorce Guide

Fast divorce in New York

If you are staying in New York, and want divorce from your spouse, fast divorce is a good option. It is the easiest way to get divorce in short time. When you apply for fast divorce in New York, the process gets completed soon.

Laws of divorce vary according to the state. When you file fast divorce in New York, you must fulfill some requirements. You and your spouse must have resided in New York for at least one year, and mention the reason for divorce. Issues like cruelty or adultery should be mentioned. You can file for divorce in a country where your spouse’s reside. This is possible because of domestic relations laws.

Process of filing fast divorce in New York

  • Obtain uncontested divorce packet from clerk’s office at local family court of New York
  • Fill the notice form and summons. The summon states that you are the petitioner and your spouse is the respondent. Make two copies of summon.
  • File summon with court. Pay necessary fees. The courts clerk will tell you the details about fees.
  • Serve the spouse with a copy of summon and affidavit of defendant form stating to the court that your spouse is not filing contested divorce.
  • Once court is satisfied that your divorce is uncontested, the process will start.
  • Complete worksheet of child support or support information, if children are involved.
  • Organize and file your completed forms signed by you and your spouse, with the court .The clerk submits the paper to judge, who will then sign judgment of divorce form. Once all these procedures are over finishes, you are officially divorced.

You can also file for fast divorce in New York either online or with help of a lawyer. All you should do is follow three easy steps to avoid any mistake while filing for divorce online:

  • You have to create a private account of yours, where you want to file for divorce. It is highly confidential. Once you are registered, secure your New York divorce case.
  • After registration, you will receive a questionnaire related to basic information about you and your spouse. Fill correct information and submit it.
  • Once you answer all the questions, you will soon get documents and filing instructions to start the procedure.

Since laws vary, you will get the filing instructions and state law information of New York. It is a reliable and complete divorce service, saving your time and money to visit the court. It is the best solution for uncontested or no fault divorce. You have complete control on your case, and you can bring the changes in form without additional cost. Fast divorce is the quickest way to get divorce. Most of the people are opting for fast divorce in New York in order to begin a new life. Agree with the terms and conditions of divorce and make the settlement fair.

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