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Divorce Guide

Fast divorce in Florida, Florida fast divorce

In Florida, a couple can get fast divorce in about 30 days. Fast divorce in Florida is the simplest and fastest way to get divorced. When a couple files for fast divorce in Florida, they should meet with certain requirements under Florida divorce law. One of the spouses must have resided in the state for at least 6 months before filing.

To get a fast divorce in Florida, both spouses must agree with the terms of divorce and attest the documents stating:

  1. The marriage cannot be saved
  2. Both the spouses are not seeking for alimony
  3. They don’t want to make an appeal for trial
  4. Both the parties have agreed on paying the debts they owe

Filing fast divorce in Florida

Florida follows a simple dissolution of marriage stating the issues like, visitation, property division, child custody and support. Following are the steps to file Florida fast divorce:

  1. Preparing the petition for simplified dissolution of marriage keeps your paperwork ready. Make the copy of the petition for your own files
  2. Attach the original petition of the country where divorce is to be filed. You can submit the documents at clerk’s office and pay the fees. Sign the documents in front of the clerk.
  3. Sign the financial affidavit and prepare the notice of social security number form. It states details of the agreement of spouses on marital issues to the court.
  4. Arrange a marital settlement agreement. The document should be signed by both the spouses in front of notary public before filing with the clerk of court
  5. Verification document sating that either of the spouses have resided in the state for at least 6 months before filing the petition. You can submit the license as your proof.
  6. After 20 days from filing the petition, confirm schedule of hearing from the clerk. Bring the final judgment of simplified dissolution of marriage at the time of hearing. Both the parties should attend the hearing.

You can file for fast divorce in Florida without a lawyer as well. Fast divorce is easy way to get your divorce done quickly. It is relatively less expensive process. Mostly people filing for no fault and uncontested divorce opt for fast divorce. If issues related to children are involved, consulting the attorney is advisable.

Filing fast divorce in Florida can be done online also. There are many websites that provide the fast divorce kit for free. All the forms that are required to be filed are provided along with the filing instructions .Download the petition form stating issues discussed in agreement. Discuss the agreement. Fill out the forms as per the instructions. Other documents like:

  • Family law financial affidavit
  • Marital settlement agreement
  • Notice of social security number
  • Residential proof like license

Filing the fast divorce in Florida without lawyers help is not so difficult, if both parties have fair agreement. You can save your time and money on legal process and get your divorce done quickly.

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