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Divorce Guide

Fast divorce in California

One of the options to avoid lengthy divorce procedure is, using fast divorce. Fast divorce saves time and money of visiting the court. Couples can obtain a fast divorce in any state. You can acquire a fast divorce in California or in New York. The process of fast divorce in san Diego, California is established by Dominican Republic Congress in 1971.In U.S Nevada is famous for the record number of fast divorce.

In order to file for fast divorce in San Diego, California you should meet the residential requirements. At least one spouse should have lived in California for 6 months, where the petition will be filed. In California preference is given to the people opting for no fault divorce which makes the process simpler.

How to get a fast divorce in California:

  • You should be qualified to file a joint petition for summary dissolution. You should be married less than 5 years and owe less than $6000 in joint debt. Sign a join petition and agreement stating the division of all assets and debts.
  • You have to decide the country where you want to file for divorce. Prepare the joint petition of summary dissolution. You can visit the website of California courts self help, to get the necessary forms.
  • Make copies of the petition and file the original petition with clerks of the court. You should have resided in that country before filing the petition.
  • After 6 months the court returns the copy of judgment signed by judge stating that you are legally divorced.

When you file for the fast divorce in California, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Appoint a lawyer who is well experienced. Consult with him about you case. Organize and file the necessary documents suggested by him .you can contact a divorce service to file the legal papers to avoid the risk. Discuss and divide all the assets with your spouse equally. Divide the debts among each other. If there is child involved consult a child custody lawyer for the advice. The court will make sure that division between you and your spouse is equal.

If you wish to do fast divorce on your own or online, you need to download documents of joint petition for summary of dissolution of marriage, judgment of dissolution of marriage, notice of entry of judgment and notice of revocation of petition for summary dissolution. The kits are available for free along with the information of filing the documents. Make sure that when you file for online fast divorce in California, you meet all the basic requirements of the states. Getting a fast divorce is easy; still confirm the validity of such divorce in your country.

Fast divorce is a cheap way to get your divorce done. It lessens the stress of the legal procedures. You can file for fast divorce online or with the help of lawyer. Filing fast divorce in California is not a difficult process if you maintain all the necessary documents.

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