Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Fast and Easy Divorce in USA

There are certain grounds of divorce that you have to consider when you decide to file for fast and easy divorce in USA. It can be the reason of the breakdown of marriage or the cause of the person to file the complaint for divorce in court under the family law and jurisdiction.

Depending on the legal issues or reason, the court grants a divorce. Every state has different divorce laws and rules that are set forth. The grounds can be either on fault basis or no-fault basis for granting a divorce under family law.

Grounds of No-Fault Divorce

  • Irretrievably break down of marriage
  • Both agreed to get legal separation mutually

Grounds of Fault Divorce

  • Cruelty or abuse
  • Adultery
  • Desertion or adornment
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Long-term imprisonment
  • Impotency

Residential Requirements

There are certain residential requirements which should be fulfilled for filing fast and easy divorce in USA. The divorce petition has to be filed in the county-

(a) In which the Respondent resides at the time of starting the divorce action.

(b) In which the plaintiff or petitioner is staying if the Respondent is a Non- resident.

(c) In which the spouses last resided together as a couple unless the petitioner is a nonresident, or where it must be brought in the county in which the respondent stays.

There is a waiting period for the spouse residing in the state after filing for divorce in a particular state. Every state has different waiting periods; most of them require 3 to 24 months.

There is huge amount of emotional stress faced by the parties going through divorce. Most of the parties choose for fast and easy divorce in USA. For this, both the parties should reach a mutual agreement of the divorce. You have two options for filing divorce which are contested and uncontested. Out of which uncontested divorce is the fastest, cheapest and easiest filing option to get divorced.

Talk with your spouse. To make the divorce fast and easy, you require your spouse's cooperation. Before getting the paper, discuss family issues like custody, visitation, child support and property division. If you wish to file for an uncontested divorce, you must agree on most of the details of the divorce. Argument over a single issue will lead to a contested divorce.

Refer to the law library. If you find it difficult to understand the legal terminology used in the legal papers of divorce and wish to refer to the court cases that took place earlier, the legal staff at the law library can guide you in finding the proper information. The faster you finish the paperwork, the quicker you can file.

Opt for mediation before you choose to go to court. If both the parties cannot reach an agreement, mediation facility can help. It is an alternative to lengthy and expensive court proceedings. In mediation, the parties meet with an unaffiliated third-party and try to reach a solution to the argument.

Before you file for fast and easy divorce in USA, know your state laws. If you are residing in the states where no-fault ground is the basis for divorce, there are high chances of getting a quick divorce. In other states, unless you prove a valid reason for divorce the process will be more difficult and time consuming. If children are involved, certain states have a compulsory parenting course to be taken before your divorce is granted.

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