Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Fast and Easy Divorce in Florida

In Florida, a couple can get a divorce in about 30 days by choosing fast and easy divorce in Florida. This process is also called as Simplified Marriage Dissolution. In this process, people who are in agreement related to their marital issues like child support or custody, division of property and debt can get a fast and easy divorce. One of the spouses must be residing in the state for at least six months prior to filing, and spouses should also agree that their marriage is irrevocably broken.

Process of Filing Fast and Easy Divorce in Florida

  • In case your divorce is uncontested, parties can file the divorce on their own, i.e. without the help of a lawyer or by getting the help of online services. All you need to do is understand the Florida laws related to divorce.
  • Prepare the documents called Petition for Simplified Marriage Dissolution provided at the Florida state court's website. The papers should reflect the circuit county courtís name where the case is going to be filed. The county must be where one of the spouses resides. Get a copy of the papers for your own files.
  • File the divorce petition in the proper county at the clerk's office, and pay the necessary filing fee. Both the spouses should sign the document in front of the clerk.
  • Both the spouses should prepare, sign and file a Financial Affidavit and Notice of Social Security Number form with the circuit courtís clerk where the petition was filed. You do not require to pay the additional fee to file such papers once you have paid the initial filing fee.
  • Prepare the Agreement of financial settlement. Both parties should sign this document in front of a notary public prior to filing it with the circuitís court clerk. It tells the court about the agreement details that spouses have made regarding marital issues.
  • Proof should be shown that either of the spouses has resided in Florida for at least six months prior to the filing of the petition. You can submit the copy of a state driver's license or identification copy, or file an affidavit of corroborating witness.
  • 20 days after filing the initial divorce petition, contact the circuitís court clerk and ask to schedule a time and date of hearing to grant your divorce. Both spouses must attend this final hearing.
  • Get the copy of the Final Judgment for Simplified marriage dissolution along with the hearing. If all the necessary documents are in order, the judge will check them and grant divorce.

In order to get the advantage of fast and easy divorce in Florida, the spouses should have settled all the concerning issues like property and debt division, alimony and child support, etc. To file for this simple action, divorce laws of Florida require one of the parties to fulfill the residential requirements and grounds of divorce. By this process, spouses give up their rights to trial and an appeal.

How the Simplified Marriage Dissolution Process works to get Fast and Easy Divorce in Florida

Necessary forms to be filed, along with instructions concerning how to fill out these forms are available at the state court's self help website. You can download the necessary documents along with the petition form. Other documents that are required include:

  • Family Law Financial Affidavit
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Final Judgment for Simplified Dissolution of Judgment and Notice of Social Security Number.

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