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Divorce Guide

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Divorce is an expensive process that involves lots of legal formalities. Fast divorce is a good way to minimize the stress involved in the process. It is a good way to save time and money. In counties like United States, different states follow different laws. The process of fast divorce is done by the laws where divorce is to be filed.

The laws of Guam territory in U.S are accepted by all the states. These laws follow fast divorce, where divorce is granted without court interference. The only condition for Guam law is that, at least one spouse should have resided in Guam for 7 days.

To file for fast divorce:

  1. Both the parties must enter into an agreement. They should sign a marital agreement and special power of attorney.
  2. One of the spouses must be present at the place where divorce hearing will be taking place
  3. The issues like which are discussed are:
    • Alimony
    • Child custody
    • Child support
    • Debt payment
    • Tax issues
    Written consent from both the parties, stating the consideration of above issues should be specified.

Fast divorce is the simplest way to file for divorce. Filing for fast divorce is relatively easy. You can file for file divorce on your own; online can be the best option. It is still advisable to consult a lawyer when you file for fast divorce. The advantage of filing such divorce is that it is highly confidential.

Tips to get a fast divorce:

File for fast divorce by appointing an experienced lawyer who can guide you well. Consider the following tips to make your divorce easy.

  1. Consult a lawyer and CPA. They will help you in understanding the issues which are to be addressed, and help you to Know the effects of filing the divorce on your savings or retirement accounts.
  2. Make a fair agreement. If children are there, write down their issues as priority in the agreement. Include information like name address, education and visitation time.
  3. Divide the property equally. Consider division of assets in fair manner.
  4. State the reasons for which you should receive the spousal support
  5. Make decisions on your own to avoid visits to court and legal fees
  6. Resolve the issues before the court hearing, and try to maintain a healthy relation with your spouse.

You can file for fast divorce online as well. Filing for divorce online will save most of your time. The advantage on online divorce filing is that, you can mention the issues which you cannot discuss with your lawyer. Many websites provide you with the do it yourself divorce kits. Such kit also provides you with simple step by step process of filing the papers. Some online kits are available for free, while others provide pre screened papers at less cost. Fast divorce online helps in speeding up the divorce process by reducing the papers.

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