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Do It Yourself Divorce

Yes you can do your own divorce. A do it yourself divorce is definitely possible. Do it yourself divorce is nothing but pro se divorce where one of the parties represents himself or herself in the court. This means that there is no lawyer to represent the party but rather the party represents itself in the court of law.

Do it yourself divorce is legal in all the states of USA. A DIY divorce is not possible in all the situations. Doing away with the lawyer is a good idea only in the following conditions:
  • Both the spouses mutually agree for divorce. If one of the spouses is not ready for divorce then DIY divorce is not possible.
  • In case the couple have minor children, the sates do not allow do it yourself divorce.
  • There is no dispute between the spouses regarding division of property, division of marital income, child custody, alimony, and so on. If there are unsettled issues between the couple then the divorce becomes contested which is not suitable for pro se divorce.
  • Do it yourself divorce is not allowed if one of the spouses is a military professional.
  • If the case has a history of physical abuse or some grave offence then DIY divorce is not considered by courts.
  • Pro se divorce is also not allowed in case of bankruptcy.
  • If the other party has a lawyer then you might have tough time fighting the case.
Fighting your own divorce case is not a good idea if the case has lots of complexities. In case you think that your partner is going to be revengeful and might create obstacles for you then entrust a lawyer with the task of fighting your case. On the other hand if both of you are reclined to have divorce and the case is as clear as water then you can think about a pro se divorce.
Couples choose ‘do it yourself divorce’ because they see some benefits.

Benefits of Do It Yourself Divorce:
  • It saves huge money in the form of lawyer’s fee. With the skyrocketing cost of hiring a lawyer, many couples prefer to fight the case themselves.
  • You can deal with the case in a better way as you know the intricacies of the case.
  • In spite of paying huge sum as lawyer’s fee you cannot be sure that he is competent.
  • The lawyer might not take your case seriously in case he has lots of workload. This negligence can negatively affect your cause.
If you opt for do it yourself divorce then there is a huge task ahead to prepare yourself with all the legalities involved in divorce. Most important thing is to have full knowledge of your state laws regarding divorce, where to file the petition, what are the sequential steps of divorce in your state’s family court, and other related issues. Remember that you have to be very smart in front of the judges at the court. Information is power and until and unless you have the full information you will not feel strong enough to deal the case.

We recommend that you seek professional assistance in order to prepare yourself for a pro se divorce. There are law services that offer full information on state laws and divorce related litigation. They also provide all the important forms like divorce petition form, declaration of assets form, and so on.

Another option is to pay a lawyer on an hourly basis and take his assistance in filling the divorce forms, understanding the requirement of documents, state specific laws, and other important issues related to divorce.

If you opt for a do it yourself divorce then make sure that you have enough information about it and the case is worth handling without the assistance of lawyer.

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