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Divorce Guide

When is a DIY divorce the best option?

Divorce means a big financial hit. You could see a bundle of expenses. If your spouse disagrees for child custody and support you may have more childcare costs and child support payments. Then, your health insurance costs are upon you as your spouse is no longer contributing to it, adding an extra burden to you. Do it yourself service is something you may want to consider. It is legal, quite simple to handle even without specialized knowledge of divorce laws and less expensive from start till the end than a traditional law assisted divorce. With increasing personal expenses on the horizon, spending more on lawyer and court fees seems unaffordable. Midst this DIY divorce is an attractive rescue. Before you jump in playing lawyer for your own divorce, you must carefully consider if DIY divorce is the best option and fit to your circumstances.

Do it yourself divorce is viable option for couples with no minor children and if both are in agreement about distribution of mutual assets and liabilities (if any). But, DIY divorce is not a good option if there are minor children involved child related decisions must be on top priority like custody arrangements, child support, decisions about parenting and visitation etc. All these crucial decisions must be made through court system.

If yours is a complicated divorce case and there is no scope of agreement e.g. extensive property issues, common debts, bankruptcy and other serious issues, better is to resolve them in the court rather choosing for a DIY divorce.

In either case, a DIY divorce creates major potential for mistakes. Sure, a DIY divorce is a Florida cheap divorce. But what if you don't properly fill out the paperwork, don't properly serve your spouse, or don't have the right forms? Then, you'll be out any money you spent on the forms and you'll still be married.

Worse yet, what if you do get your divorce but you leave out some key issues, such as dealing with joint debt or getting your fair share of your spouse's pension or retirement accounts that you would have been entitled to under the law? You could end up going back to court to fight out issues or you could be out of luck entirely, losing out on hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of marital property that you should have been entitled to. The cost of representing yourself and the potential risks of improper legal representation is rarely, if ever, worth it. if you cannot afford a lawyer, you may take advice from some paralegals, mediators or even online legal advice services which could help you in reviewing paperwork, filling forms etc.

Though many legal jurisdictions are open for do it yourself divorces, but what if your local court is quite unfriendly to this new idea. You may do the paperwork but for the trials you will have to hire a lawyer. In that case, DIY divorce is a complete no.

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