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Pros and cons for DIY divorces

Traditional Divorce v/s DIY Divorce

A divorce can be very time consuming, painful and costly affair. But at the same time can be made amicable, low key and cheap. The do-it-yourself divorce can either help or exacerbate these problems, depending on your individual situation. Thus, DIY divorces, also termed as pro se divorce, have benefits and drawbacks associated to it.

Benefits of a Do-it-Yourself Divorce

The most important and foremost advantage of DIY divorce is that it is time saving quick and relatively simple process. If it is a uncontested divorce case i.e. no child custody issues and other related issues are settled like finance and property, then it’s a no time process. It saves you from visiting and hiring a lawyer, lot of paperwork, printing, filing, and so on.

Every step of the divorce process comes with a set number of days by which each side has to respond, and lawyers will respond anywhere within that number of days – which is often anywhere from 15-90 days. Your divorce is your own priority, and you have the ability to file immediately whenever the paperwork needs to be done. This can pare down the process from months to weeks, or even less.

Another obvious benefit of opting do it yourself divorce is that it is a money saver package. A divorce can cost you in thousands for hiring a lawyer, filing fees etc. whereas; pro se divorces are seemingly much cheaper. It saves your thousands of dollars from divorce attorney and court fees.

Thus, prove to be an alternate way which is not only financially and legally sound. If the right procedure of filling up the forms etc is followed then everything goes smoothly and DIY divorce offers a convenient solution.

DIY Divorce Drawbacks

One of the chief problems with a do-it-yourself divorce is that now you are legally responsible for yourself throughout the process. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and if you choose not to obtain legal counsel then you will be held liable for any mistakes. There are a lot of parts that go into a divorce, including a lot of papers that need to be filed and served, and if you do it wrong then you’re stuck with the consequences. This is why most attorneys advice against do-it-yourself divorces, especially in cases where there is disputed child custody or property.

Finally, while a do-it-yourself divorce may be faster overall, it will require a lot more of your time during the process. When attorneys are involved, the most work you have to do is consult with that attorney a couple of times during the divorce, and otherwise sit at home and wait for paperwork to be mailed to you. In order to do it yourself, you have to spend many hours familiarizing yourself with the applicable laws, what’s expected of you throughout the process, deadlines for every bit of paperwork as well as what needs to be filed next, and actually filling out that paperwork and taking it to the local courthouse. For many people, this can be an overwhelming amount of work, especially if they’re trying to fit it in around work and kids.

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