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Divorce Guide

Legal advice or representation in a DIY divorce

The divorces without a lawyer is Do it yourself or a Pro se divorce (means ‘self representation’). In a DIY divorce, you represent your divorce and it becomes imperative to have a complete knowledge of all the legal aspects involved in a divorce. You must know about your legal rights, various legal laws relating issues like child custody, child support, property division, spousal support and alimony. Most of the couples elect to represent themselves in the court room mainly to reduce costs. Adding to this, in many countries courts have permitted for DIY divorces.

DIY divorce: non- lawyer service

DIY divorces are happening more and more often despite few cons related to it. As divorces are getting more expensive because of unaffordable law services court and lawyer fees, more and more couples are choosing this non lawyer service. If it is an uncontested divorce, you have a mutual settlement with your spouse and have sorted for assets and liabilities, and if there is no minor child involved, you just need to file the papers and represent yourselves in the court.

Legal Representation in a DIY Divorce

Sometimes divorces are too complex (contested divorce) to represent yourself and even if it appears to be easy to handle, its recommendable not to do it without legal representation. If there are child related issues its better to hire a divorce attorney or a lawyer.

Limited representation legal services in a DIY divorce

Limited representation is alternate arrangement for legal advice other than traditional lawyer or an attorney services. Where lawyer is complete in charge of your case and looks after each and every aspect of your divorce, in latter case advisory services are provided. If you are not confident enough to handle your divorce properly without a legal counsel and only because of financial reasons you are not hiring a lawyer, then alternately you can consult such online legal services, some paralegals of law schools, senior law students or mediators who may assist you in filing your forms, review the paperwork, draft your settlement agreement. Moreover, it seems an affordable option to the couples.

Mediators: you may hire a mediator who works either for you or both of you to help you both reach an agreement. A mediator is not only cheap as compared to hiring a lawyer but also helps you avoid costly court trials by providing you and your spouse out of court negotiation and settlement opportunity. Mediation proves a faster, less expensive, less time consuming way than one that is through the court room.

DIY Divorce without a lawyer

Is DIY divorce for you? A checklist for making the decision:

  • Both you and your spouse must opt for do it yourself service, instead of one opting for lawyer and the other for DIY divorce.
  • It should be an uncontested divorce and both must settle over mutual assets and debts.
  • There should not be any complications like bankruptcy or huge debts.
  • No minor children should be involved or if there are children they should be of legal age.

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