Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

How to guide for a DIY divorce

To begin a DIY divorce

It used to be hard to get a divorce, but nowadays not anymore. Since itís the 21st century, people are getting smarter nowadays, letting attorneys take the charge. But, not just otherwise, lawfully too itís permissible to obtain a divorce without a legal counsel. People are self representing their divorce. To guide yourself for a do it yourself divorce start with extensive divorce research more you gather information regarding the procedures details etc. lesser would be the chances for an error in your DIY divorce. You can check out various sites on internet. There are a number of online services offering free advice, free access to articles like DIY divorce dictionary, paperwork, court personnel, court proceeding, non lawyer service and much more.

If possible you and your spouse should work together for a DIY divorce. This can make things much easier. Sit together and settle over things, assets, child custody (if any minor child) and property.

Get the right forms:

To initiate the divorce first and foremost requirement is divorce papers. Every place and country has its own family laws and thus varies w.r.t forms and papers required. So, view online sites for downloadable divorce forms and papers, take the printouts and fill as per the instructions carefully. To guarantee that you have got right forms, it is recommendable to visit the local district court and obtain the forms. You may ask the court clerk to do the needful.

Fill the forms correctly

Follow the instructions and guidelines and fill the forms correctly as directed. Read all the documents carefully and if you have queries, hire an attorney. Do not negate the paperwork as you are handling legal matter. To keep it a low cost affair, there are free consultancy online services or you may opt for services by legal professionals on hourly basis.

Filing a DIY divorce

To file a case go to the court clerkís office. Submit all the documents which are then reviewed by the clerk. Afterwards sign the papers and pay the court fees. If you want any waiver in it, ask the clerk if you qualify for it. You can ask the clerk about other documents you may require at the time of hearing.

Case hearing

You may require certain document on the hearing date like documents related to the claims you have made, financial documents, property papers or investments.


Do it yourself divorce is the best option if you and your spouse have a mutual agreement over the things. The divorce may become complicated if there are disputes over division of assets and liabilities. So, itís not too late to hire a lawyer to handle the proceedings.

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