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Divorce Guide

File For Divorce Without A Lawyer

Divorce has now turned into a common social phenomenon which is embraced by almost 50% of the total married couples in America. There are several federal courts whose laws serve divorce seekers with simple and speedy divorce execution laws. In spite of existence of laws favoring easy divorce, filing and contesting a divorce is still an intricate procedure for many individuals. So divorce seekers are often advised to consult a divorce lawyer for filing the divorce petition.

Getting divorce with the help of a lawyer is easier indeed but it is also possible for an individual to contest for divorce alone without the mediation of any lawyer. In case you have decided to move to the court alone to file for a divorce, the following steps can be helpful for you in getting an easy divorce.
  • The very first step you are required to do in order to file your case is to call up the clerk of the local court. You can easily get his contact number from the official website of the court. All you need to do to get the number is to put in the name of the city and the state you live in as well as the name of the clerk.
  • Take his help to explore the official website of the court and download all the necessary documents from the net for filing the case. Make sure you have downloaded the latest form as the divorce filing forms are revised periodically.
  • Take the help of the clerk in filling up separate forms for variety of divorce affairs like the distribution of assets, right over child custody, alimony and such. While filling up the forms probably you will have to call up your spouse and have to convince him or her regarding settling down of disputes and to go for a self filing divorce.
  • After filling the form the next step is to submit or file the paperwork to the court. There you have to pay a certain amount of money as divorce filing fee. This you have to pay even if you are contesting the divorce through a lawyer.
Filing for divorce without a lawyer is time saving as well as economical. It is also seen that the judge often gets lenient in announcing favorable verdicts in case of self filed divorce. You are strongly recommended to undergo a great deal of research work on the various divorce laws before you step into filing for divorce.

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