Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Do you qualify for a DIY divorce

It is hard to get a divorce. Itís a tough and confusing time, regardless of the reasons for your divorce. There is plethora of emotions about life and your marriage. There could be many reasons for a divorce, some folks get married too young before they know each other, others who are married for years still feel like grown apart, personality differences, stop loving each other, distrust, fighting and in worst cases infidelity could lead to a divorce.

But nowadays, processes of getting a divorce have become much easier and people are handling their divorce themselves. You and your spouse can represent yourselves in the court. This is called do it yourself or pro se divorce. Do it yourself divorces can easily be handled using do it yourself services available online, guidelines and easy access forms. It helps save a lot of money .

To ensure that you are qualified for a do it yourself divorce, you and your spouse must reach a mutual agreement over the things. Factors like reasons for the divorce, length of your marriage, mutual assets, whether or not you have children, investments or debts etc are considerable. These can affect your decision of handling your divorce and whether itís a right choice for you.

Child custody and parenting and visitation issues can add complexity to the process. So, there cannot be minor children involved and no conflict should arise. If you have a child, you and your spouse must decide over parenting and visitation issues. For Instance: You are going to have the kids during the week and your ex during the weekend or the other way. Assets must be minimal or pre agreement over the assets must be made. There should be no existing future plans of retirement or pension, stock options or investments. There should not be history of abuse in the relation and you should be able to support yourself. There should not be any issues over the debts or an imminent bankruptcy may disqualify you from filing a DIY divorce. You also disqualify if your spouse has hired a divorce attorney/lawyer.

If you and your spouse have some joint property, cars, stocks etc and you do not want to involve lawyers, court or any financial advisors, and then make sure to fairly divide them.

So, If you qualify for a do it yourself divorce you can do it simply which otherwise could be an arduous process. Gather all the necessary information, read guidelines for a DIY divorce, fill the forms using instructions given and file a divorce case. Check whether you qualify for alimony.

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