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DIY divorce paperwork

Divorce papers include various documents and forms required to be filled for a divorce. This depends on the country or state where you live in because every country has their family laws. Some forms verify personal details of the applicant and the respondent. Other documents relate to the asset evaluation, insurance papers, tax records, existing debts, bank account information and statements, property papers and other related information. There are few standard forms for legal purposes various affidavits are required to be filled like affidavit to change the name, child custody jurisdiction form, waiver of acceptance of service etc. these papers become part of legal record when filed in the court.

If there are any minor children, then papers specifying terms and conditions regarding child custody, parenting, visitation, child support payment etc are required. Thus, divorce paperwork carries division of all the mutual assets and liabilities of you and your spouse related with this marriage.

In case of a simple uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse have mutually agreed upon things, paperwork is simplifies. Still you should have complete and clear knowledge of all the documents. If you are at all confused about it, or a single error can create trouble as you are handling legal work. Finalized divorce papers will have an impact on your future life. Hence, it is absolutely critical to prepare the documents correctly. Make sure that the forms are correctly filled as per instructions.

Duly filled forms are submitted at court clerk’s office and case is filed in the court. A good rule of thumb while filing the divorce papers is always sign the papers after the court clerk review them.

To initiate a divorce prepare a divorce complaint and file the summons or complaint in the court. Your spouse is then legally served by the divorce papers. Then, he/she may apply for a cross complaint. All the legal papers are mailed from Court clerk’s office. It is called first class mail. The respondent must respond to this. Divorce papers are delivered with an acknowledgement form which must be signed, dated and returned. The papers mailed with a detachable ‘return receipt card’ with date of return, which should be mailed back as proof of service.

Before, during, after…….

To summarize the discussion, overall requirements w.r.t. completing DIY divorce paperwork is as follows:

  • Paperwork before a divorce begins: marriage settlement agreement, separation agreement, and alimony.
  • Paperwork during the process: summons, petition, child custody, child support, parenting and visitation, affidavit for name change (if required)
  • Paperwork after the divorce: divorce decree or court judgment paper. Keep the copies of all important papers and documents with you for future reference.

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