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Divorce Guide

DIY divorce may not be easy as it sounds

In a DIY divorce, where you are representing yourself everything is entirely on you. Itís not going to be an easy job for you right from knowing what forms you require, getting right forms, then, purchasing the divorce papers either online or from local district court, Legal work, proceedings etc. nothing comes with an assurance tag or ensuring that the issues will be resolved with an ease. You may end up facing rough tides in the ocean.

Generally, you start the process looking to online do it yourself services. These provide DIY divorce packages or DIY divorce kits. You can download it from internet anytime. This is really convenient as compared to going to the district court and dealing with official persons. Nonetheless, it may not be an easy solution for you. You cannot be sure that the pre designed thing fulfills your requirements. However, these kits may help you a little bit in streamlining your own path.

Risks in a DIY divorce

For a DIY divorce you need to get the right forms and do the paperwork involved. You can get the required papers from local district court office or online. In either case, chances are there for liable mistakes.

  • Whether the forms obtained are right?
  • Errors while filling the forms.
  • If you are missing any important document or affidavit?

You must be sure enough that without any legal guidance you can manage the paperwork or else donít try save money from not hiring a legal attorney. Otherwise later you will be out of money in case your papers are disapproved because of errors. You wonít be able to serve them to your spouse.

Things could turn worse if you skip some important things, like if you both have a joint property, or common investments, pension and retirement plans or share some debts. You must mutually settle over both assets and debts or else ask for your fair share in property and other things through legal proceeding during your divorce case. If not you could end up restarting the court procedures to fight again spending hundreds and thousands of rupees worth your assets that you should have been entitled to.

Cost of an attorney or a lawyer fees are worth over the cost of representing yourself and potential risks of improper legal representations.

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