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DIY divorce kits

low cost, simple and easy!

Do it yourself divorce kits are available online (free of charge or some nominal charges), in legal offices, law firms and also at local court house. There are so many online sites selling DIY divorce kits. These kits provide a stepwise guide to fill the divorce forms and the process of filing all the documents correctly. Online DIY divorce services may help you out filling your divorce kit. DIY Divorce kits are fit for uncontested divorces i.e. when you and your spouse reach a mutual agreement and/or no child, other complications. If you do not want to spend lot of money on attorney fees, then divorce kit is the best option. Nowadays, there is a option of DIY no court appearance divorce kits with complete comprehensive instructions on how to get a divorce entirely through mail. Every nation or state has its own divorce laws and forms, so it is to keep this in mind while purchasing the kit.

Initially, when divorce kits became available, these were only for the couples with an uncontested divorce case, but today, DIY Divorce kits are available for those who want a quick, hassle free divorce.

DIY divorce kits available include the following:

  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Instructions for filling the forms
  • Court requirements for filing
  • Civil cover sheet
  • Summons/complaint
  • Petition/ divorce complaint
  • Petition for name change (to change the former name of the wife)
  • Answer to the complaint/petition
  • Family law financial affidavit/ financial statement
  • Notice of social security number,
  • Affidavit of military service,
  • Settlement agreement/ legal separation agreement
  • Child custody jurisdiction form
  • Child support, Parenting and visitation
  • Spousal support/ alimony
  • Property division.
  • Notice for hearing
  • Final decree of divorce judgment
  • Certificate of divorce/ Marriage dissolution.

Some divorce kits also cover important issues like income taxes, debts, obligations or how your spouse may try to hide his assets. As per your situation, you can select the forms you need, fill them and take out the printouts.

The divorce forms are in word perfect or Microsoft format. The divorce kit can be downloaded, or you can have a CD-ROM, or can be emailed also. While downloading your kit to your computer, you will receive the forms in seconds, access them anytime or edit if required. Divorce forms can also be delivered to your email address as an attachment within an hour.

Advantages of DIY Divorce kits

  • The online divorce kit service provides a low cost, non lawyer service , when compared with the charges of a lawyer, attorney fees or other legal fees, is unbeatable.
  • It takes only fraction of time than what would to see a lawyer.
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Ready to use forms which you can customize as per your situation
  • Professionally drafted documents by legal folks.

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