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Since divorce is a very elaborate and complex procedure, couples often find difficulty in carrying out divorce procedures. If you are not knowledgeable enough in legal matters in order to file your case alone in court, you can seek assistance from an experienced lawyer to get substantial information regarding divorce. But appointing a lawyer can sometimes be financially expensive for many individuals. In that case a divorce legal help can be accessed to get divorce.

Divorce legal help is quite beneficial for those who are not well aware of the intricate divorce laws and not economically sound enough to pay the hefty divorce expense. There is a legal divorce scheme called the Legal Services Commission (LSC) which funds various services related to divorce for eligible individuals. Only law firms who have contracts with LSC are entitled to serve the qualified candidates during divorce. Under the family law only some special law firms are sponsored to execute such divorce cases.

In order to avail the facility of being funded by the legal organization you are required to produce some proofs that would make the court acknowledge your present financial limitations. You have to show documents like income support certificates, income based job seeker’s allowance, pension credits and such. Before applying for the eligibility test you must make sure of the fact that even if you are not financially sound, the financial resources of the partner with whom you are staying at present will be taken into account. Here, the partner is not your spouse.

Divorce legal help can also be in the form of divorce advices and the assistances that you will be getting from court while fighting the case. Earlier the scheme was known as the ‘green form’. The following are some of the legal helps that a divorce seeker can avail of from the court.
  • The court may arrange for a solicitor for you who will be representing you during the court hearings.
  • For further funding you may apply for the schemes like general family help and full representation.
  • You can also get help in family mediation through legal aid. This includes advice and support during mediation process free of cost.
  • The general family help includes helping you and your spouse to come into a settlement on the disputed affairs. You may also receive consent from court ordering both the spouse to come to settlement.
  • Legal help may also include court representations. You may ask for full representation help from the court throughout the divorce procedure under special emergency situation and fulfilling of certain criteria.
There are also some provisions of conditional fee arrangement. Under this arrangement you may come to an agreement with your solicitor. In case you lose the case you are not required to pay the fee of the lawyer if you have availed the CFA.

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