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When couples decide to go for a divorce, it is often understood that they would be preceding with their respective divorce attorneys! No one thinks of a DIY divorce!

It is estimated that divorce expenses average out to be $20,000 from the beginning to the end! This is indeed a great deal of money for both the spouses who are already stressed out due to marital discord! Moreover, couples find themselves juggling with spiraling day care costs if they have children or are supporting the bills of two separate families. It thus, seems sane to go ahead with a divorce procedure without the hassles of an attorney, whose consultation fees hit the ceiling.

What is self-help divorce?

To put in simple words, self-help divorce is when people do not choose an attorney to contest their divorce case in the court because they themselves play the role of the divorce lawyer. DIY divorce reduces the burden of paying heavy attorney bills which is a huge relief for both of the spouses.

When to go for DIY divorce?
  • Simply because DIY divorce is extremely economical, one must still tread with great caution. DIY divorces are for those couples who are very clear how to divide their marital property and are also not disputing on matters such as child custody and visitation rights.
  • If the debts incurred during the marriage are cleared and parenting plan for child custody have been prepared with each other’s consent, then DIY divorce is indeed helpful.
  • All the property division matters should be written and be clearly signed documents. Courts accept only notarized documents.
  • Child custody related issues also need to be clearly written and signed for the final approval by the court.
  • All the necessary forms and related laws of divorce should be known to you. These forms are available in libraries under “do-it-yourself divorce” category, or from the divorce courts or from the internet.
  • If you are interested in a DIY divorce, it is prudent to inform your spouse about this. You may highlight the financial advantages of such a self-help divorce to your spouse. Not only this, an amicably agreed divorce reduces emotional stress which you and your spouse may face in litigation in the court!
When not to go for DIY divorce?
  • If your spouse is abusive or intimidating, it would be extremely difficult to then talking to him/her in the divorce proceeding. You may simply agree to most of his/her arguments out of fear! In such circumstances, it is advisable to let a professional attorney handle the matter so that you do not lose your divorce rights on child custody or property matters.
  • Never go for a DIY divorce if you think that your partner may violate your chide custody or visitation rights. A divorce lawyer would know all the rules of the game and maybe get a win-win arrangement for all! By representing your case yourself, you may get lost in the murky complicated details of custody contesting!
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