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Role of both the parents in the development of child cannot be denied. However, the tragedy of divorce is that it ends the joys of parenthood for the child. Visitation allowance is the only ray of hope to maintain a link between the child and the parent who does not possess the custodial right of the child. Thus it is the duty of both the parents to adhere to useful advice on visitation.

Visitation is the permission or schedule granted by the court entailing the rights and permission to the non custodial parent for meeting his or her child. Each parent should try to maximize on visitation as the child needs both the parents for a wholesome family experience.

In some cases the court grants joint custody of the child. In joint custody both the parents jointly take up the responsibility for children. Most of the states like California, New York, and others grant joint custody to parents. In fact joint custody is preferred by the court because it encourages the involvement of both the parents and reduces the negative effects of divorce on children. For those who do not get joint custody have to be satisfied with visitation rights.

Visitation advice:
  • Welcome the non-custodial parent: The custodial parent should always welcome the other parent while visitation. You must remember that both the parents are equal for the child and if one parent shows hatred against the other, it deeply hurts the child.

  • Donít let your ego overrule: Donít let your ego interfere between the parent and child. You might be angry, jealous, or irritated with your ex spouse who is coming to visit the children. But you must suppress your feelings during the visit and remain calm. Do not argue or fight in front of the children because they will feel bad about it.

  • Follow a schedule: Both the parents should try and stick to a meeting schedule. You can meet at one of the homes during weekends or fortnightly. Whatever might be the schedule, do not upset the child by being unable to carry the meeting. When a child knows about this schedule, he or she will be looking forward to meet the non-custodial parent. Give priority to the childís emotions on top of any other work.

  • Meet during festivals and occasions: If possible try to make the child meet with the non custodial parent during Christmas, or childís birthday. The children would love to meet the other parent during special occasions.

  • Grant visitation rights in any case: Even if the ex spouse does not pay child support, let him or her enjoy the visitation rights. Until and unless you realize that the ex spouse can hurt or injure the child in any manner, do not stop the parent from meeting the child.

  • Grandparents and other relatives: If the child has been close to grandparents or any other relative of your ex spouse it would be good to offer visitation rights to them. The importance of family in childís development can not be denied.

  • Do not misuse the visitation rights: Most important advice related to visitation is to avoid misusing the visitation rights by talking against the custodial parent. This is not going to help in any manner and might result in ending your visitation rights.
If in any case you feel that the ex spouse is not fit to meet the child and might harm the children in some manner then it is advisable to ask the court for a supervised visitation. In such cases an adult supervisor is present during the visitation.

Whatever might be the type, schedule, or duration of visitation, it is the moral responsibility of the custodial parent to see that the child gets to meet the other parent on a regular basis. A good advice on visitation is that it is really important for the development of child and should be handled with care.

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