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Taking the decision of divorce might take only few minutes but be assured that getting a divorce is not going be as quick as you think. There is no fixed time estimation for divorce. It all depends on your state laws and the nature of the divorce case. This article will brief you about divorce time estimation.

A divorce has multiple aspects property division, child custody, alimony, division of debt, and so on. The more unsettled or disputed issues a divorce has, the more time it will take to get over. If your divorce is contested over various issues then the process of divorce will involve various rounds of trials by court before issuing the final decree. Thus, contested divorces always take more time sometimes even a couple of years.

An uncontested divorce on the other hand is fast and can take up to 1 month 6 months. How long will a divorce take depends upon various factors. Lets have a look at the factors which influence the duration of divorce:
  1. Nature of divorce: If the divorce has multiple unsettled issues like property division, income division, child custody, then your divorce can take several months or years. On the other hand, uncontested divorce or divorce through mediation is quick to get over.

  2. State laws: Many states in US have laws that have a time gap of a few months before finally issuing the divorce decree. This gap can sometimes extend to 10 months, for example in Louisiana. For some couples it becomes extremely difficult to pass this period as they are too eager to get rid of divorce as soon as possible.

  3. Court of petition: The duration of the divorce also depends on how busy the court is. If there are plenty of cases going on in the court then you might have to wait for months before your turn comes.

  4. Cooperation between couples: If the couple wants to finish the process of divorce as early as possible then they should cooperate with each other on the issues of divorce. Many times one spouse is not available for trial which forces the court to announce another trial date. The couples should also cooperate in providing important documents or facts related to divorce.
Divorce can never be as quick as a week or a couple of days. The normal procedure for divorce extends to few months. You can reduce the time span by opting for uncontested divorce or Mediation but do not expect to get the final divorce decree before a couple of months.

There are some states where you can travel to get something like quick divorce. For example, in Dominican Republic, divorce is granted in one day. The couple has to appear in the Dominican Republic court with a plea for divorce. The final divorce decree reaches the couple within 15 days. Guam laws are also popular for granting divorce in 2 days.

Before getting in the divorce procedure, you should be mentally prepared that its not a very quick process and there is no fixed time estimation for divorce.

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